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Kerala State Planning decision
Agency overview
FormedSeptember 1967
JurisdictionGovernment of Kerala
HeadquartersThiruvananthapuram, Kerala,
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • V K Ramachandran, Vice-Chairman of the Board

The Kerala State Planning Board is an advisory board under the Government of the State of Kerala, India. It was constituted in 1967 with Chief Minister as Chairman and a non-official as part-time Vice-Chairman.[1] The board assists the state government in formulating a development plan based on a scientific assessment of the resources (material, capital and human) available to the state. A comprehensive economic review of the state is prepared by the board every year.


Finance Minister • Minister for Home, Vigilance and Tourism • Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and Animal Husbandry • Minister for Transport • Minister for Works • Minister for Water Resources • [2]

Member Secretary[edit]

Name From To
Dr.P.K.GOPALAKRISHNAN 28.04.1972 26.06.1980
Sri.K.V.NAMBIAR , I.A.S 25.09.1980 31.11.1981
Sri. GOPALAKRISHNAN (In Charge) 30.07.1982 18.10.1983
Sri. K. V. NAMBIAR, I.A.S 18.10.1983 10.01.1985
Sri. S. VARADACHARY,  I.A.S 23.09.1987 13.09.1992
Sri. K. V. NAMBIAR,  I.A.S 13.09.1992 April 1996
Sri. A. M. SALIM (In Charge) May 1996 May 2001
Sri. V. KRISHNA MURTHY I.A.S 21.07.2001 22.03.2005
Sri. A. M. SALIM (In Charge) 02.07.1991 04.07.1991
Sri. RAMACHANDRAN, I.A.S 04.07.1991 13.08.1991
Sri. K. MOHANANCHANDRAN, I.A.S 17.08.1991 18.09.1991
Sri. K. V. NAMBIAR, I.A.S 19.09.1991 06.06.1996
Sri. K.N. KURUP (In Charge) 06.06.1996 24.07.1996
Sri. P. K. SIVANANDAN, I.A.S 24.07.1996 06.12.1997
Sri. K.N. KURUP 06.12.1997 20.03.2001
Sri. K. MOHANDAS, I.A.S 20.03.2001 11.06.2001
Sri. S.M. VIJAYANAND, I.A.S 11.06.2001 31.08.2005
Sri.V.M. VIJAYARAGHAVA MENON,  I.A.S 01.09.2005 15.10.2005
Dr. S. VENKETESWARAN (In Charge) 15.10.2005 26.07.2006
Dr. ALOK SHEEL, I.A.S 27.07.2006 30.06.2007
Sri.TEEKA RAM MEENA, I.A.S 10.07.2007 26.03.2011
Sri. SUBRATHA BISWAS, I.A.S 27.03.2011 24.08.2012
Sri. V.S SENTHIL, I.A.S 24.08.2012 22.05.2013
Smt. RACHNA SHAH, I.A.S 01.06.2013 06.08.2013
Dr. ANURADHA BALARAM, I.E.S 07.08.2013 06.04.2015
Dr. ALOK SHEEL, I.A.S 06.04.2015 31.05.2016
Sri. V.S. SENTHIL I.A.S 02.06.2016 23.07.2017
As per the data available from[4]



The official duties of the Board are performed by eight important divisions. They are:

  1. Plan Co-ordination Division
  2. Agriculture Division
  3. Evaluation Division
  4. Social Service Division
  5. Industry and Infrastructure Division
  6. Decentralized Planning Division
  7. Perspective Planning Division
  8. Information and Technology Wing

Plan Co-ordination Division[edit]

This Division co-ordinates all the activities concerned with the technical functions of the State Planning Board.[5] It has been entrusted with the following functions:

  • Assist in the preparation of Economic Review.
  • Prepare reports as to the resource allocation of the state.
  • Provide nuts and bolts regarding development plans to the state and Central governments.
  • Prepare background papers and notes for discussion between Chief Minister of Kerala and Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission.

Agriculture Division[edit]

Agriculture Division deals with the Plan and Budget preparation of the Departments of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife, Co-operation, Water Resources, Ground Water Development and Command Area Development Authority. The Division also reviews the performance of the concerned sectors for the preparation of 'Economic Review' published by the State Planning Board. The projects for external /NCDC assistance are vetted in the Division before they are trainings /workshops /seminars conducted in connection with decentralised planning. The staff of the Division effectively participate in the vetting of the projects submitted for the approval of the State Level Expert Committee.[6]

Evaluation Division[edit]

The Evaluation Division of the State Planning Board is functioning since 1969. The Division since its inception has undertaken Monitoring and Evaluation of two externally aided Projects: World Bank assisted Kerala Agricultural Development Project and EEC assisted Kerala Minor Irrigation Project. As part of the People's Campaign for the Ninth Five Year Plan of the State, evaluation studies on development programmes carried out by local bodies were taken up by this Division.[7]

This Division performs the following duties:

  • To study the modus operandi of existing government projects and programmes in Five Year Plans and Annual Plans.
  • To find out the hurdles in implementation of government programmes and to ensure the beneficiaries the desired results.
  • To increase the efficiency of government projects and to provide guidelines over such matters.

Social Service Division[edit]

Social Service Division deals with the subjects like education, medical and public health, water supply and sanitation, housing, information and publicity, labour and labour welfare, social welfare, nutrition[8] etc.

Following are the functions of the division:

  • Formulation of Five Year Plan and Annual Plan documents.
  • Preparation of Annual Plan Budget.
  • Providing technical assistance to the State Planning Board over the subjects concerned.

Industry and Infrastructure Division[edit]

The Division undertakes the following works.

  • Formulation of Five Year Plan and Annual Plan.
  • Preparation of Plan Budget.
  • Preparation of Economy Review.
  • Technical and expert opinion on matters referred to State Planning Board.
  • Processing of Government files.
  • Preparation of Status Paper on various sectors.
  • Project appraisal.
  • Preparation of reports of Plan committees and Working Groups.
  • Review of implementation of Plan Schemes.
  • Preparation of reports/notes on specific issues.
  • Answering to LA interpellations.
  • Mid term appraisal of Five Year Plans.

Decentralised Planning Division[edit]

The Division takes up the preparation of Five year plans, Annual Plans, Budget Estimates, Economic Review etc. relating to :-

  • Community Development and Panchayats.
  • Rural Development.
  • Development of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  • Urban Development.
  • Co-ordination of Activities of plan formulation and implementation by Local Governments.
  • Preparation of Guidelines and instructions for Local level planning.

Perspective Planning Division[edit]

The Perspective Division is capable of doing the following works.

  • Formulate Five Year Plans, Annual Plans and Annual Plan Budgets.
  • Undertake studies on different subjects as and when entrusted to the division.
  • Give replies and remarks on Govt. files and the letters from Government departments.

Information and Technology Wing[edit]

It is under the supervision of IT Wing that the official website of State Planning Board is monitored and updated. The Wing also provides 'Information Technology' based solutions to all the technical divisions and also to the administration sections of the State Planning Board. It also provides assistance for the computerisation of Economic Review, Plan Budget and also for the project details of the local bodies having undertaken in the District Planning Offices.

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