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Keramitsa (Greek: Κεραμίτσα) is a village in the municipality of Filiates, located in the area of Epirus known as Thesprotia, Greece. The village has a permanent population of about 120 people, but the number reaches about 1500 during the summer months when village expatriates and their descendants return from other parts of Greece (mostly Athens), as well as from other countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, and The United States. Keramitsa, once quite primitive, is now equipped with many modern facilities such as a basketball court for the youth, a recreation hall, two restaurants, and a cafe. The village also has a historic church which is worth seeing.

Coordinates: 39°40′N 20°26′E / 39.667°N 20.433°E / 39.667; 20.433