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Illustration of kerb crawling

A kerb crawler (or curb crawler) is a person who drives around areas known for street prostitution soliciting prostitutes for sexual activity. The act is known as "kerb crawling" because the person will typically drive very slowly along the kerbside.

Kerb crawlers are widely regarded as a public nuisance because they help keep street prostitutes in business in red-light districts and often solicit pedestrians who are not prostitutes for sex, and as a result, kerb-crawling is illegal in many jurisdictions.

Sting operations in which undercover police wait for kerb crawlers to proposition them are a common method for tackling kerb crawling. Kerb crawling is illegal in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and India. Police may also collect licence-plate numbers of vehicles that appear to be kerb crawling and may contact their registered owners. In the United Kingdom, kerb crawling was not an arrestable offense until 2001.[1]


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