Keri Lighthouse

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Keri Lighthouse
Keri tuletorn
Keri tuletorn.JPG
Keri Lighthouse
Keri Lighthouse is located in Estonia
Keri Lighthouse
Location Keri Island
Coordinates 59°41′55.38″N 25°1′21.78″E / 59.6987167°N 25.0227167°E / 59.6987167; 25.0227167Coordinates: 59°41′55.38″N 25°1′21.78″E / 59.6987167°N 25.0227167°E / 59.6987167; 25.0227167[1]
Year first constructed 1724 (first)
1803 (second)
Year first lit 1858 (current)
Automated yes
Construction cast iron tower on 15 metres (49 ft) high stone cylinder basement
Tower shape two-stage cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern unpainted stone lower tower and red upper tower
Height 31 metres (102 ft)[1]
Focal height 31 metres (102 ft)
Light source solar power
Range 11 nautical miles (20 km)[1]
Characteristic LFl W 15s[2]
Admiralty number C3844
NGA number 12896
ARLHS number EST-027
Estonia number EVA 155

Keri Lighthouse (Estonian: Keri tuletorn) (previously known as Kokskäri Lighthouse) is a lighthouse in the Gulf of Finland on Keri Island. The light itself is at an elevation of 31 metres (102 ft) above sea level, while the lighthouse itself is 28 metres (92 ft) tall.[1]


The present day lighthouse was built in 1858. It is a red metal cylinder topped with the lantern room and balcony which rests upon a cylindrical stone base. This light is computer controlled, powered by solar cells and batteries.

The original wooden lighthouse was built in 1724. It was rebuilt in the early 19th century with a stone base topped with a wooden tower.

From 1907 to 1912 it was the only lighthouse in the world to be powered by natural gas. In 1990 the stone base began to collapse and steel reinforcements were installed. In 2007 an internet camera was installed followed by an internet weather station in 2009.


During hours of darkness the light cycles with the following sequence: 13 seconds off; 2 seconds on. The light can be seen from 11 nautical miles.[1]

Postage stamp[edit]

The Estonian Post Office issued a stamp commemorating the Keri lighthouse on January 15, 2003. First day cancel covers were also issued on that day.

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