Kern Plateau salamander

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Kern Plateau salamander
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Caudata
Family: Plethodontidae
Genus: Batrachoseps
Species: B. robustus
Binomial name
Batrachoseps robustus
Wake, Yanev & Hansen, 2002

The Kern Plateau salamander, Batrachoseps robustus, is a species of salamander in the family Plethodontidae, endemic to California, in Tulare and Inyo, and Kern Counties in the western United States.[1]


This salamander is endemic to three locations in the southern Sierra Nevada: in the upper Kern River's Kern Plateau; the western margin of the Owens Valley; and the Scodie Mountains, at elevations from 1,615–2,800 metres (5,299–9,186 ft).[1]

Its natural habitat is freshwater springs in the temperate coniferous forests and in higher Mojave Desert-Sierra forest ecotones.


The Kern Plateau salamander is threatened by habitat loss, and it is an IUCN Red List Near threatened species.[1]


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