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Burr in KernelCAD control with transparent background
Burr in KernelCAD control with transparent background
Stable release
5.1 / July 29, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-07-29)
Written inC++
Operating systemWindows
TypeCAD software

KernelCAD is a software development framework and set of components for enabling 3D/CAD functionality in Windows applications. KernelCAD was first developed by DInsight in 2001.

DInsight promotes KernelCAD as quick way to add 3D/CAD functionality without significant knowledge about the subject. It targets engineers and software developers.


Although it can be used directly as a set of Windows DLLs its main interface is implemented as Microsoft ActiveX control. As such, it can be added to forms or dialogs using development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio (native and .NET languages are supported) or Borland Delphi. Some functionality can be used in background without creating a window. KernelCAD Viewer control is optimised for adding 3D solid render-only views to Microsoft Office documents and HTML, including compiled help.

The Modeling Studio application, included in the main product, acts mostly as a utility for operations like import/export, modeling of 3DS type of objects using arc and line splines and 3D debugger service.

Basic operations (Boolean Subtract, Cut Surface, measurements, etc.) are available in context menus of the component, but mostly functionality is expected to be programmed using an interface hierarchy.

Some parts of the source code, including modifications to Open CASCADE Technology and Ogre are open.

KernelCAD API is based on COM-like interface hierarchy. It is flexible enough to support the latest .Net, and native Object Oriented languages as well as older languages like Visual Basic 6 and Pascal.

Starting with version 5.1 C++ developers can access and customise major underlying components directly

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