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Kerrighed is an open source single-system image (SSI) cluster software project. The project started in October 1998 at the Paris research group The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. Since 2006, the project is mainly developed by the Kerlabs company. Latest version is 3.0.0 which was released on 14 June 2010 and based on Linux 2.6.30.


Kerrighed is implemented as an extension to the Linux operating system. It helps scientific applications such as numerical simulations to use more power. Such applications may be using OpenMP, Message Passing Interface, and/or a Posix multithreaded programming model.[1]

Kerrighed provides several features such as a distributed shared memory with a sequential consistency model, processes migration from one cluster node to another, and to a limited extent checkpointing. Kerrighed introduces a container concept: this entity is an abstraction of both files and memory.

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