Kerry (UK Parliament constituency)

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Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members Two
Replaced by East Kerry, North Kerry, South Kerry and West Kerry

A former UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning two Members of Parliament. In 1885, it was split into four constituencies. From the time of Irish independence, the area was no longer represented in the UK Parliament, as it was no longer part of the United Kingdom.


This constituency comprised the whole of County Kerry, except for the Borough of Tralee.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Year 1st Member 1st Party 2nd Member 2nd Party
1801 James Crosbie Maurice Fitzgerald Whig
1806 Henry Arthur Herbert (1756–1821)
1812 James Crosbie
1826 William Hare
(Viscount Ennismore from 1827)
1830 William Browne
1831 Frederick William Mullins Daniel O'Connell Whig
1832 Charles O'Connell Whig
1835 Morgan John O'Connell Liberal Party
1837 Arthur Blennerhassett
1841 William Browne
1847 Henry Arthur Herbert (1815–66) Liberal Party
1852 Valentine Browne
(Viscount Castlerosse from 1853)
1866 by-election Henry Arthur Herbert (1840–1901)
1872 by-election Rowland Blennerhassett Home Rule Association/
Home Rule League
1880 Sir Rowland Blennerhassett, 4th Bt Liberal Party


Split into four divisions in 1885[edit]

Under the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885, the single-seat Tralee constituency and the two-seat Kerry constituency were replaced by four single-seat constituencies: