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Kerry Beaumont (born 5 April 1957, Cambridge) is the Director of Music at Coventry Cathedral[1] and a British concert organist.

Beaumont was previously director of music (1994-2002) at Ripon Cathedral in North Yorkshire, England and (1990-1994) at St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales.[2]

British by birth, his family emigrated to Canada in 1970. He was director of music at the Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli, Pennsylvania, United States[3] for seven years (1981-1988) before returning to his native country in 1988.

His recordings, as an organist and choirmaster, are published by Priory Records,[4] Herald AV Productions, and Cantoris Records. Having studied organ improvisation with Antoine Reboulot in Quebec, Canada,[5] and with Pierre Cochereau in Nice, France, he has pursued an active interest in the art of improvisation in his concert career. As a member of SOCAN (the Society of Canadian Composers, Authors and Publishers) he has published several hundred recorded compositions through the programme music libraries of Omnimusic[6] and the Parry Music Library.[7] Of his church music there are published titles by Encore Publications[8] and Banks Music Publications.


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