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A photograph of Kerry Howley. She is standing at a podium with a Politics and Prose sign, in front of a large shelf of books. In the background is a window with a carved wooden map of the District of Columbia hanging in it. Howley has her eyes turned down, reading from her book. She is wearing an orange sweater with the sleeves pushed up and a grey collar shirt underneath.
Kerry Howley at a reading of her book, Thrown, at Politics and Prose, Washington, D.C., 23 November 2014

Kerry Howley (born 1981) is an American writer, and professor at the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program.[1]


She graduated from Georgetown University, and University of Iowa. She was an editor at Reason magazine.[2]

Her work has appeared in New York magazine,[3] Paris Review,[4] and The New Yorker,[5] and she is a regular contributor to Bookforum.[6]



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