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Kerstin Ott
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Kerstin Ott (born 17 January 1982 in West Berlin) is a German singer, songwriter, guitarist and DJ. She became known through the song Die immer lacht (English: She who always laughs), which was re-mixed by the German DJ and producer team Stereoact. In January 2016, the song was at the top of the German and Austrian singles charts, and also reached the Swiss charts.


Kerstin Ott has lived in Heide, Holstein since she was a child. She participated in talent competitions in her childhood, and sang in the choir of Rolf Zuckowski. She also appeared as a DJ. Ott trained and worked as a painter until the breakthrough of Die immer lacht. At the beginning of 2016, she went on tours the German-speaking countries.[1]


Ott came out at the age of 17. In August 2017 she entered into a registered partnership with her longtime girlfriend Karolina Köppen, which was rewritten as a marriage in October 2017. Köppen and her two children adopted Ott's surname.[2] In 2018, she posted a selfie.[3][4]


Kerstin Ott recorded the song as a hobby musician around 2005. According to her own account, she had written it in only five minutes at the kitchen table for a friend who was ill at the time. The song is about a woman who always laughs outwardly. The narrator takes her by the hand and teaches her to show her true feelings to others. [4] Ott, who also works as a djane, then gave away some self-burned CDs of the song, which was set by one of the receiver on YouTube and years later discovered by Stereoact and was published on Kontor Records as a remix. Die immer lacht was officially declared the most successful work of 2016 by the market research company GfK Entertainment in March 2017 and was awarded the German Music Authors' Prize. Die immer lacht climbed to second place in Germany (Official German Charts) and Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) and remained in the Top 10 for several months. So far, Die immer lacht has produced more than 125 million YouTube Views and received for more than one million copies sold diamond in Germany and platinum in Austria. It is one of the best-selling singles in Germany since 1975. In addition, the piece was raised by the Berlin football club Hertha BSC to the new club anthem.

In the official video for the song, shot in Mallorca, Ott plays a photographer, who photographs a constantly smiling model (Greta Hirsch).


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