Kesen District, Iwate

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This article is about Kesen District. For the Kesen meteorite, see Kesen meteorite. For the dialect of Kesen County, see Kesen dialect.
Location of Kesen District in Iwate Prefecture

Kesen (気仙郡 Kesen-gun?) is a district in Iwate Prefecture, Japan and consists of the town of Sumita. Sumita is small community which borders the neighbouring cities of Ōfunato and Rikuzentakata and Ōshū. Nearly 90 percent of Sumita is forested. The economic base is largely agricultural and forestry-related. Its population was listed at 5,952 residents as of January, 2014.

Kesen District has a total area is 334.83 km².

Cities, towns and villages[edit]


Coordinates: 39°10′34″N 141°32′06″E / 39.176°N 141.535°E / 39.176; 141.535