National Bureau of Investigation (Finland)

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National Bureau of Investigation
Suomen poliisin miekkatunnus.svg
Emblem of the Police of Finland
Agency overview
Formed 1955
Headquarters Jokiniemenkuja 4, Vantaa
Employees about 695[1]
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Robin Lardot, Director, Police Counsellor
Parent agency Ministry of the Interior National Police Board

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) (Finnish: Keskusrikospoliisi (KRP), Swedish: Centralkriminalpolisen (CKP)), headquartered in the city of Vantaa since 1994, is a nationwide division of the Police of Finland.


NBI fights international, organised, professional, financial and other serious crime, investigates offences, provides expert services and develops methods for crime fighting and criminal investigation. The NBI is also responsible for taking measures provided in the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering (503/2008) and the Acts on Freezing Assets to Combat Terrorism (325/2013).

In addition to the offences the NBI has exposed, it investigates also the following:

  • other offences that come to the Bureau's attention and particularly, criminal cases of major importance to society or that have precedent character - e.g. corruption, securities, money laundering, environment, IT and cyber crime;
  • homicides and attempted homicides with likely connections to organised crime, unless otherwise agreed with the local police;
  • terrorist offences, unless otherwise agreed with the Finnish Security Intelligence Service; and
  • cases delegated by the National Police Board.

When necessary, the NBI supports the local police in the first steps of homicide investigations and in coordination of preliminary actions of major cybercrime investigations.

The NBI takes part in major disaster investigations through the Finnish Disaster Victim Identification Team (DVI).

The NBI is in charge of cooperation in the field of PCB (Police Customs Border) criminal intelligence in line with the cooperation agreement made between the Police, Customs and the Border Guard. The activities are organised around the National PCB Criminal Intelligence Centre supported by the PCB Intelligence Units specialised in air traffic, sea traffic and cross-border traffic.

The NBI serves as the national authority in international police cooperation and hosts the national centres of Interpol, Europol and Schengen cooperation.

The NBI makes forensic analyses, develops and harmonises analytical methods. The Bureau also develops, tests and approves forensic investigation methods, equipment, devices and materials introduced to the police force.[2]


The organisation is divided into Administration, Criminal Investigation, Criminal Intelligence and Forensic Laboratory.[3] The NBI also has field offices in Tampere, Turku, Maarianhamina, Joensuu, Oulu and Rovaniemi.[4]

Most of the Bureau's personnel serve as police officers (60%). Police officers serve mainly in investigative and intelligence duties. Civilian staff include experts like chemists, laboratory assistants, clerks, engineers and linguists.[1]

The NBI headquarters also houses the Crime Museum. The Museum holds about 6000 pieces of criminal history including tools used in crimes, objects related to punishment, documents and photos. Most of the collections are from the 20th century. The Museum is not open to the public.[5]

News coverage and releases[edit]

In July 2015 it was reported that the NBI was negotiating with Italian company Hacking Team to purchase encryption evasion and surveillance tools usually employed by law enforcement and intelligence services.[6][7]

In June 2015 the NBI was in the process of investigating a large scale fraud case in which a malware program was used to transfer about 900 000 euros from Finnish citizens and companies to offenders abroad. The investigation was being conducted by a joint investigation team consisting of among others Austrian, Belgian and Dutch law enforcement.[8]

In April 2015 a new unit targeting cyber crime was established at the Bureau's headquarters. The unit has a staff of 45 and will work in close cooperation with Europol. United State's law enforcement will also be an important partner since companies like Google and Facebook are on United States soil. The unit's chief named focused cyber attacks as Finland's greatest threat.[9]

During 2014 the NBI received 23 062 reports of money laundering of which 11 were reported to be connected to terrorism. In continuative investigations the Bureau confiscated 11,5 million euros of criminal origin and exposed 44 criminal activity sets.[10]


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