Kesong puti

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Kesong puti
Kesong puti.jpg
Country of origin Philippines
Region Bulacan, Cebu, Laguna and Samar
Source of milk Carabao (Philippine Water Buffalo)
Pasteurised Yes
Texture Soft
Aging time 1 day
Kesong putî (Philippine Carabao Center, Dairy plant)

Kesong putî (lit. "white cheese" in Tagalog) is a soft, unaged, white cheese made from unskimmed carabao's milk, salt, and rennet.[1] Comparable to cottage cheese, queso blanco, and paneer, kesong putî has a soft close texture and slight salty taste. Some commercial versions are slightly sour due to the use of vinegar in place of rennet. It was a famous recipe from a local man named Aldro and this cheese originated from and is produced in the provinces of Bulacan, Cebu, Laguna, Bacolod and Samar. In the Philippines, it is a popular breakfast fare eaten with the freshly baked local bread called pan de sal.

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