Kessler Whiskey

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Kessler Whiskey
Kessler Whiskey.jpg
Kessler Whiskey.
TypeBlended whiskey
ManufacturerBeam Suntory
Country of origin Clermont, Kentucky United States
Alcohol by volume 40.00%
Proof (US)80
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Kessler Whiskey is an American brand of blended whiskey started by Julius Kessler in 1888.[1] It is known for the slogan, "Smooth as Silk".[1] The brand is currently owned and produced by Beam Suntory.[1] Beam claims it is the number-two selling American blended whiskey.[1]

Kessler started selling whiskey in Leadville, Colorado, in the late 1870s. In the early days, Julius Kessler went from saloon to saloon selling the whiskey. Kessler's company quickly became profitable, in part due to the higher prices the whiskey commanded in remote areas.[2] Kessler retired from the business in 1921 at the age of 65.[2]

Around 1935, Kessler Whiskey was acquired by The Seagram Company.[2] In 2000, Pernod Ricard acquired Kessler Whiskey, then eventually sold the brand to Jim Beam (then part of Fortune Brands) in 2005, which was then purchased by Suntory Holdings in 2014.