Kesteren railway station

Coordinates: 51°55′53″N 5°35′1″E / 51.93139°N 5.58361°E / 51.93139; 5.58361
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General information
Coordinates51°55′53″N 5°35′1″E / 51.93139°N 5.58361°E / 51.93139; 5.58361
Line(s)Elst–Dordrecht railway
Other information
Station codeKtr
Preceding station Arriva Following station
Stoptrein 31100 Opheusden
Kesteren is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Kesteren is a railway station located in Kesteren, Netherlands. The station opened on 1 November 1882 and is on the Elst–Dordrecht railway. Train services are operated by Arriva. Between 1945 and 1981, this station was called Kesteren- Rhenen.[1]

The station was the terminus of the line from Amersfoort, which allowed a faster journey time to Nijmegen from Amsterdam. The line still exists between Amersfoort and Leusden, Near Overberg to Rhenen and Kesteren station itself. The section between Amersfoort and Leusden is still in use and is known as the Ponlijn and the section between Rhenen and Kesteren is still in uses as the Veenendaallijn.

Train services[edit]

Route Service type Operator Notes
Tiel - Arnhem Centraal Local ("Stoptrein") Arriva 2x per hour: 1x per hour to Tiel and 1x per hour to Arnhem - Evenings and weekends 1x per hour to Arnhem. Does not stop at Arnhem Zuid.

Bus services[edit]

Line Route Operator Notes
44 Tiel - Maurikseveld - Maurik - Eck en Wiel - Ingen - Ommeren - Lienden - Kesteren - Rhenen - Wageningen Juijn, Arriva and Krol Reizen On weekdays, this bus does not operate after 21:00 (only on weekends).
45 Tiel - Echteld - IJzendoorn - Ochten - Kesteren - Rhenen - Wageningen Juijn and Arriva On weekends, this bus only operates between Tiel and Kesteren.
46 (Tiel Passewaaij -) Tiel Station - Kerk-Avezaath - Erichem - Buren - Asch - Zoelmond - Beusichem - Culemborg Arriva and Juijn During weekday daytime hours, this bus runs through to Tiel Passewaaij. Arriva operates this bus during weekday daytime hours, Juijn during evenings and weekends.
145 Kesteren - Rhenen Juijn Mon-Fri during daytime hours only.
237 Heteren - Randwijk - Indoornik - Zetten - Andelst - Wely - Hien - Dodewaard - Opheusden - Kesteren Arriva During evenings and weekends, this bus only operates if called one hour before its supposed departure ("belbus").
844 Tiel - Maurik - Eck en Wiel - Ingen - Ommeren - Lienden - Kesteren Arriva This bus only operates on weekdays after 21:00. From Tiel Station and within Tiel's town centre, this bus can be boarded at any time, but from other stops along the route, it only operates if called one hour before its supposed departure ("belbus").


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