Ketagalan Culture Center

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Coordinates: 25°08′14″N 121°30′19″E / 25.13722°N 121.50528°E / 25.13722; 121.50528

Ketagalan Culture Center
Ketagalan Culture Center.JPG
Location Beitou, Taipei, Taiwan
Type Cultural center
Director Drngi Alin

The Ketagalan Culture Center (KCC; Chinese: 凱達格蘭文化館; pinyin: Kǎidágélán Wénhuàguǎn) is a cultural center in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.[1] The cultural center is dedicated to introduce the various Taiwanese Plains Aborigines cultures, including the Ketagalan tribes cultures.[2][3]


The objectives of KCC are:[4]

  • Reform the image of the KCC
  • Rebuilt its indigenous spirit and culture center
  • Focus on the appreciation and understanding of culture and arts
  • Promote international communication
  • Become a new sightseeing landscape of Beitou
  • Foster the lifelong management of the culture


KCC includes the following:[citation needed]

  • Exhibition area
  • Art gallery
  • International conference room
  • Classroom areas


The services provided by KCC are:[citation needed]

  • Regular education training
  • Indigenous theme library service
  • Rental service for multi-function exhibition and performance space and handicraft learning classroom
  • Service for guided culture tour


The cultural center is accessible within walking distance east from Xinbeitou Station of the Taipei Metro.[citation needed]

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