Kettering Medical Center

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Kettering Medical Center
Kettering Health Network
Kettering Medical Center.jpg
Location United States, Kettering, Ohio, USA
Care system Private
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university Wright State University
Boonshoft School of Medicine
Kettering College of Medical Arts
Standards HFAP accreditation, HFAP Comprehensive Stroke Center
Emergency department Level II Trauma Center
Speciality Multispecialty
Founded 1964
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Kettering Medical Center (KMC) is a faith-based, nonprofit hospital located in Kettering, Ohio, United States. Founded in 1964, it is the focus hospital in the Kettering Health Network with 508 beds, and is directly affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.[1] The Boonshoft School of Medicine is an affiliated university situated on KMC's campus.[2] In 2009, 2010, and 2011, Thomson Reuters rated the Kettering Health Network as one of the top 10 hospital networks for clinical excellence in the United States.[3]


Eugene Kettering, son of famous inventor Charles F. Kettering, and his wife Virginia were native citizens of Dayton. They moved to Hinsdale, Illinois near Chicago in the 1940s. During the polio epidemic in the 1950s, they were inspired by the care given at Hinsdale Hospital, which would play a vital role in the foundation of Kettering Medical Center. Following the death of his father in 1958, Eugene and his family moved from Illinois back to Dayton to help manage family affairs. Health care was a primary focus of Charles Kettering, so Eugene and Virginia led efforts to open a local area hospital in his honor. Ground was broken on July 7, 1961. In 1964, Charles F. Kettering Memorial Hospital opened under the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.[4][5]

In October 2010 Kettering Medical Center opened the Benjamin and Marian Schuster Heart Hospital, a new wing to the hospital that included a renovated lobby and new main entrance with an outpatient pharmacy, expanded gift shop and bakery.


Kettering Medical Center is part of Kettering Health Network, which includes the following hospitals:[6]

Name Location
Fort Hamilton Hospital Hamilton, Ohio
Grandview Medical Center Dayton, Ohio
Greene Memorial Hospital Xenia, Ohio
Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center Beavercreek, Ohio
Kettering Behavioral Hospital Kettering, Ohio
Kettering Medical Center Kettering, Ohio
Southview Medical Center Centerville, Ohio
Sycamore Medical Center Miamisburg, Ohio

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 2012, the hospital received:

  • U.S. News & World Report #1 hospital in the Dayton region[7]
  • Emergency Medicine Excellence Award[8]
  • Critical Care Excellece Award and one of the top 100 in the United States for Critical Care[8]
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence Award[8]
  • Stroke Care Excellence Award and one of the top 100 in the United States for Stroke Care[8]

In 2011, the hospital received:

  • One of top 50 hospitals in the nation for cardiovascular care by Thomson Reuters[9]
  • Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence[10]
  • Women's Health Excellence Award also Five-Star Rated in Women's Health[11]
  • Patient Safety Excellence Award[12]

In 2010, the hospital received:

  • Emergency Medicine Excellence Award from HealthGrades[13]
  • HealthGreades Distinguished Hospital of Clinical Excellence Award [14]
  • Women's Health Excellence Award 2009/2010 also Five Star Rated in Women's Health [15]
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence Award [16]
  • Gastrointestinal Care Excellence Award [17]
  • Stroke Care Excellence Award [18]

In 2009, The hospital received:

  • One of America's safest hospitals by Forbes[19]
  • Ranked #6 in the U.S. for stroke care by HealthGrades[20]

In 2008, the hospital received the following:[21]

In 2007, the hospital received the following:[21]


Kettering College of Medical Arts in located on the main campus of Kettering Medical Center. The college offers degrees in nursing. medical imaging, radiology, Human Biology (pre-med), Physician assistant, respiratory care, and sonography. Students of the college have access to the facilities in the Kettering Health Network for educational experience and clinical training.

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