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Ugo Gabriele aka Ketty (born July 10, 1981 in Naples[1]) is a reputed Camorra figure. Gabriele, a femminiello and member of the Camorra crime family, was reported as the first transgender mafia figure following an arrest by Naples police in February 2009.[2][3] According to authorities, Gabriele is a small-time capo behind a drug and prostitution ring for the Scissionisti di Secondigliano clan of the Camorra.[4][5]

She pushed large quantities of drugs for Camorra boss Paolo Di Lauro, but since Di Lauro's arrest and the so-called Scampia feud between Camorra gangs, she did not need to answer to anyone anymore.[6] Her elder brother, Salvatore Gabriele, is one of the Camorristi that graduated to become a boss. He wanted to extend his activities traveling the up and down Italy, supplying large- and small-scale dealers, and left her to run things at Scampia.[6]

Gabriele fits in an old and long tradition of gay or femminiello (effeminate) culture in Naples. Generally femminielli are considered good luck, for instance in gambling.[7]


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