Kev's Back (The Return of the Yobbo)

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Kev's Back (The Return of the Yobbo)
Return of the Yobbo.jpg
Studio album by Kevin Bloody Wilson
Released 1985
Genre Comedy/Australian humour
Label Both Barrels Music
Producer Kevin Bloody Wilson
Kevin Bloody Wilson chronology
Your Average Australian Yobbo
Kev's Back (The Return of the Yobbo)
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Kev's Back (The Return of the Yobbo) is the second album by the rude Australian singer/comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson. The album won the first ever ARIA Award for "Best Comedy Release" and was nominated for "Highest Selling Album".[1] The album includes what is claimed by critics to be overtly racist humour.[2]

The song, "Living Next Door to Alan", is a parody of New World's "Living Next Door to Alice", and is about an indigenous family claiming land next door to millionaire Alan Bond.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Dennis Bryant.[3]

  1. "The Last Lager Waltz"
  2. "That's What He Really Said"
  3. "Kev's Courtin' Song"
  4. "Breathe Through My Ears"
  5. "Mick the Master Farter"
  6. "Living Next Door To Alan"
  7. "The Pubic Hair Song"
  8. "It Was Over" (Kev's Lament)
  9. "Dick'taphone"
  10. "Hey Santa Claus"


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