Kev Hawkins

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Kev Hawkins
Publication information
Publisher Wildstorm
First appearance The Authority: Kev
Created by Garth Ennis
Glenn Fabry
In-story information
Alter ego Kevin "Kev" Hawkins
Team affiliations Special Air Service
British Intelligence
Abilities Trained by SAS in fighting and gun skills

Kev Hawkins is a comic book anti-hero who first appeared in an Authority one-shot in 2002.

Kev was created by Garth Ennis and Glenn Fabry and is a (former) SAS operative who is forever down on his luck. Despite all his training, Kevin is not very muscular or intelligent and is cursed with probably the worst luck of anybody on the Wildstorm Earth.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Life in the army[edit]

Kev Hawkins lead a rather uneventful life, with no money, no proper education and no significant other. Wanting to escape Luton, Kev joined up with the British Army. It turned out that Kev was rather good at being a soldier and he enjoyed his time, until one day a man caught Kev in bed with his wife. This man later turned out to be Kev's new commanding officer. After the man made Kev pay by putting him on any humiliating assignment and giving him the blame for everything that went wrong in the camp, Kev had enough and joined up with the SAS, the only place his commanding officer couldn't reach him. Motivated by his desire to escape, Kev finished the SAS training and was assigned to various missions.

During a mission in Northern Ireland, he had to kill members of both the IRA and the Ulster Defense Association, which meant that assassins from both movements wanted revenge for the rest of his life. Every few weeks or so, Kev gets attacked by a former terrorist or terrorist squads, but escapes unscathed because his assassins tend to suffer strokes from bad luck or take each other out. Kev had a relationship of mutual loathing with Froggett, the British Intelligence official who disposes of all the corpses Kev (and others) make.

Kev and three others, including Bob, were assigned to infiltrate a small Iraqi camp, steal a video tape, and leave (And to absolutely under no circumstances view the tape.) After infiltrating the camp, the squad finds the tape only to see it already running in a VCR, which is apparently homemade pornography tape of Saddam Hussein and Margaret Thatcher having sex in the White House. Before they can kill the guard who was watching it, however, they are happened upon and forced to make their escape, only to be inadvertently bombed by a US Air Force jet. One member is captured and tortured while Kev is denied the chance to mount a rescue and turns over the tape.

Kev's regiment was once loaned to the Indian government, and the mission saw his friend Danny killing an elephant. Danny had emotional trouble after this and when they later stumbled upon a baby tiger, Danny couldn't obey the order to kill it (as the mother had died, they thought that the baby had no chance of survival on its own). Instead Danny hid it in his backpack and took it home. A few years later, Kev was promoted and given the command over his first operation: protecting a cabinet minister. The cabinet minister in question blackmailed his SAS bodyguards to find him a prostitute - otherwise he would have them fired - and the group decided to take him to Danny's house, the only suitable location. When suspicious figures (who turned out to be tabloid reporters) were spotted, Kev grabbed the minister and locked him inside the basement... the same basement where Danny had hidden his now full-grown tiger. The Minister was swiftly devoured.

Kev helped Danny and his tiger to escape before questioning, but remained behind himself, unable to contemplate dropping out of the army and not following orders, and so took the full blame for the minister being eaten. Kev was fired from the SAS and given to MI5 to do every assignment no one else would do. Any complaints from his part would see his superior officer to mention "the thing with the tiger" and he knew he had no choice but to obey. Meanwhile, it was hinted Danny was now working as an eco-terrorist alongside the very tiger that has caused so much trouble.

The Authority[edit]

In 2002, Kev got assigned the mission to kill the Authority, being handed an old gun and a device that would allow him to teleport to the team's headquarters, Carrier. To the complete surprise of the Authority, who thought it was all a joke, the gun turned out to be capable of killing even the invulnerable Apollo and contained more bullets than it should have, and Kev killed the whole team in twelve seconds. Unfortunately, it turned out that he'd been assigned the mission by an alien masquerading as his boss, all to allow an invasion fleet to attack Earth. Kev then had to convince the sentient Carrier to reverse time to before the Authority died so they could handle the invasion, but before he could escape they discovered that he'd killed them. For a moment it seemed like he would escape unscathed (mainly by being completely pathetic), but an ill-timed remark - "what, are they a couple of poofs or something?" - about Apollo and the Midnighter earned him the beating of a life-time and Kev ended up in hospital.

Two years later, Apollo and Midnighter were forced to contact Kevin again: it turned out the cabinet minister that was eaten had actually been an alien fugitive named B'eeef, and the alien Rukalai, who had just neutralised the rest of the Authority, were threatening to destroy the Earth if he wasn't handed over. Kev and his former SAS mates - Tiny, Mick and Bob - took them to the fetid swamp where Froggett dumped all his bodies, where B'eeef had regrown his head. The team captured B'eeef and defeated all the zombies he'd reanimated, but Kev inadvertently made another attempt on the Authority's life when, coming across a nuclear bomb B'eeef had made, he chucked it through the open Door leading to the Carrier. The Midnighter, annoyed at the bomb destroying "all our ****ing stuff", later met with Kev and, after arguing with him, told him that the real reason he was a homophobe was because that's what he thought "tough guys" were like - that all his life, Kev had been letting others tell him how to think.

When a mysterious creature appeared on the Carrier in 2005 and took out the Authority by throwing pies at their faces, a heavily wounded Midnighter escaped the Carrier and landed in Britain, sending a request to British Intelligence to have Kev bring him in. Kev, already dealing with the recent suicide of Tiny, reluctantly went but was double crossed by Mick, who was shadowing him. Midnighter had expected this and gave Kev the password to the file Royal Oak; investigating later on, Kev discovered it was a plot to create superhumans for the British government, using the Midnighter's DNA, by experimenting on children; the attack on the Carrier had been the result of a computer virus planted by MI5 in order to capture one of the Authority. Kev went to save the Midnighter and the children and was confronted by Mick, and was shocked to hear that Mick doesn't care about any of this or even about the recent death of Tiny. Kev killed him in a rage and when his boss entered & commanded him to kill the Midnighter and the children, he shot her too.

Now a wanted man, he left the kids (who were unbearable brats) at an orphanage and returned with the Midnighter to defeat the creature. Midnighter ordered the Carrier to purge the virus from its memory, revealing the creature to have really been Froggett, using the Carrier's own systems to transform himself in a creature capable of defeating the Authority. Midnighter gave Kev the chance to torture Froggett with a spiked baseball bat and afterwards they threw him out of an airlock. Kev returned to London to have a last drink before starting life on the run, with the Midnighter showing some grudging respect for him changing his ways.

After being "fired" from his job, Kev is blackmailed into leaving the UK with an old pornographic movie he once filmed with a now famous porn star. If it were to be released, it would ruin any chances of him finding any work ever, so he agrees. His ex teammate Bob gives him the address of Danny, now living in the states. Bob is soon murdered by what appears to be a ninja. After arriving in the States, Kev finds his way to Danny, who is now a cannabis growing mountain man, living with his tiger and a woman. Kev soon finds out that the woman is the sister of Danny's lover and that Danny himself is gay. It's soon revealed that the ninja is coming after Kev as well; the guard who was watching the tape is now in a position of power, and wants anyone he thinks has a copy killed, Kev included. Danny is murdered in the ensuing battle, but Kev takes revenge by killing the ninja and executing the former guard one bullet at a time. He then leaves to begin a new life growing cannabis and caring for Danny's tiger with his new girlfriend. Kev's life was later made even more comfortable when the Authority ruled America and legalized cannabis.

During the events of World's End storyline, millions of nuclear bombs surrounding Earth explode and cause the Earth's axis to tilt, turning the planet into a post-apocalyptic wasteland in which 90 percent of the human population has been destroyed. Kev's status after World's End remains unknown.

Collected Editions[edit]

The mini-series are collected into trade paperbacks: