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Kev Hopper (born 1961) is a bass guitarist.

Life and career[edit]

Hopper is probably best known as the bass guitarist with the Anglo/Irish Captain Beefheart-inspired London band, Stump.

Since the mid 1980s, Hopper's mainly instrumental output has been diverse and best described as a hybrid style of experimental and melodic pop with his distinctive bass playing often to the fore. He has also created pure electronica with the group Ticklish and minimal pulse music with the band, Prescott.

In 2012, Hopper formed, 'Prescott', with Scritti Politti keyboardist Rhodri Marsden drummer Frank Byng adding Pere Ubu guitarist, Keith Moliné in 2016.


Solo albums[edit]

  • Stolen Jewels (1990), Ghetto Records
  • The Stinking Rose (1993), Bandcamp digital release
  • Spoombung (1998), Thoofa
  • Whispering Foils (2000) Drag City/Duophonic
  • Saurus (2002), Drag City/ Afterhours [Japan]
  • I Saw Spoombung's Daughter Consumed by Kirby Dots (2005), Afterhours (Japan)
  • The Germjoin (2012), Afterhours (japan)
  • Tonka Beano (2013), Linear Obsessional Records
  • Kevlington (2015), Bandcamp digital release
  • Corbyn Sceptic Club (2018), Linear Obsessional Records

with Stump[edit]

with Ticklish[edit]

  • Ticklish (2000), GROB
  • Rubato (joint E.P. with Fizzarum, 2005) Textile Records
  • Here Are Your New Instructions (2005) Textile Records

with Prescott[edit]