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Kev Hopper (born 1961) is an English bass guitarist.

Life and career[edit]

Kev Hopper, bass guitarist

Hopper is probably best known as the bass guitarist with the 1980's, Anglo/Irish Captain Beefheart-inspired London band, Stump.

Since the late 1980s, his mainly instrumental output has been diverse and best described as a hybrid style of experimental and melodic pop with his distinctive bass playing often to the fore. He has also created electronica with the group Ticklish and minimal pulse music in a Rock band format with Prescott (formed in 2012) featuring Scritti Politti keyboardist Rhodri Marsden, drummer Frank Byng, adding Pere Ubu guitarist, Keith Moliné in 2016.


Solo albums[edit]

  • Stolen Jewels (1990), Ghetto Records
  • The Stinking Rose (1993), Bandcamp digital release
  • Spoombung (1998), Thoofa
  • Whispering Foils (2000) Drag City/Duophonic
  • Saurus (2002), Drag City/ Afterhours [Japan]
  • I Saw Spoombung's Daughter Consumed by Kirby Dots (2005), Afterhours (Japan)
  • The Germjoin (2012), Afterhours (Japan)
  • Tonka Beano (2013), Linear Obsessional Records
  • Kevlington (2015), Bandcamp digital release
  • Corbyn Sceptic Club (2018), Linear Obsessional Records
  • Moving and Handling (2020), Bandcamp digital release

with Stump[edit]

with Ticklish[edit]

  • Ticklish (2000), GROB
  • Rubato (joint E.P. with Fizzarum, 2005) Textile Records
  • Here Are Your New Instructions (2005) Textile Records

with Prescott[edit]

  • One Did (2014) Slowfoot Records
  • Thing or Two (digital release) (2017) Thoofa Records