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Kev King is the narrator of novelist C. M. Taylor's controversial, satirical football novel, Premiership Psycho (ISBN 978-1-84901-594-3).

An all action midfielder, 'compulsive shagger'[1] and psychopathic customer vigilante who "targets those who have committed offences against consumerism",[2] King shakes off a fall from grace to become an unnamed London Premier League club's star player, guiding the club to the treble.

Kev narrates the novel himself in an aggressive, slangy and product-obsessed "inventive language",[3] which has led one critic to call Kev King a "stream of consciousness brand warrior".[4] While Kev King's obsessions and neurosis have led to him being described as a "worthy and logical successor"[5] to Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho.

Controversy and reception[edit]

One critic of Premiership Psycho have found Kev King to be "arrogant" and "full of misplaced self importance",[6] while another reviewer stated that the book was "detestable", "sexist", and, "aimed at those who see woman as objects".[7]

Yet most reviewers have interpreted Kev King's abundant and exaggerated faults as a "merciless satire"[8] on the shallow world of overpaid footballers, with FourFourTwo magazine calling the book "American Psycho for the hundred grand a week generation...", "genius" and "brilliantly appalling",[9] while The Sun called Kev King a "huge mickey take on celebrity"[10] and the Daily Mirror described him as "horribly entertaining".[11]

Wider influence on culture[edit]

  • In July 2011, Kev King will be launching KevKingCouture, his own spoof fashion brand, skewering celebrity lifestyle pretensions.
  • A second Kevin King novel, to be set at the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine, has been commissioned and will be published in spring 2012.
  • TV rights to Premiership Psycho have been sold, with production aiming to start in 2012.


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