Kevin's Noodle House

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Kevin's Noodle House
Kevin's Noodle House.jpg
Studio album by Buckethead and Brain
Released October 30, 2007
Genre Instrumental, Experimental rock
Length 42:32
Label TDRS Music
Buckethead and Brain chronology
Kevin's Noodle House
Brain as Hamenoodle
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Kevin's Noodle House (sometimes referred to as Pho' Hu'ynh Hie^p 1 - Kevin's Noodle House because those words are printed above the actual title on the cover) is an album by Buckethead and Brain, released on the label TDRS Music in October 2007.

The album was made available along with two other albums from Buckethead, Decoding the Tomb of Bansheebot and also Cyborg Slunks and shows Buckethead returning to a very experimental sound with electronic drumming, minimalist electronic bass and very strong effects on his guitar.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Used Banana Box" 4:43
2. "Leg Warmer" 3:04
3. "BH Lounge" 5:12
4. "Thin Crust" 4:27
5. "Who Flung Dung" 3:00
6. "Quad Compressor = Pete" 4:43
7. "Barnard 72" 4:50
8. "Dogen's Quest" 8:36
9. "First Steps" 4:04
Total length: 42:32


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