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Kevin Allen (author)

Kevin Allen, (b. Sept. 17, 1954, United States) is an American bestselling author, business growth consultant and speaker. He has written two books, The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following (2012), which was a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star (2013) both published by Bibliomotion.

Early career[edit]

In his career in business development Kevin Allen was recognized as “one of the advertising industry’s most accomplished growth professionals” in American Express OPEN Forum.[1] and held positions with McCann Worldgroup, The Interpublic Group, Lowe Worldwide.[2][3]

  • McCann Worldgroup - Executive Vice President, Worldwide Director of Global Accounts
  • McCann Worldgroup - Executive Vice President, Director of Corporate Development
  • Interpublic Group - Chief Growth Officer
  • Lowe Worldwide - Vice Chairman

In all roles, Allen was responsible for spearheading multinational new business initiatives and integrated marketing campaigns to key global clients.[4] For example, during his time at McCann Worldgroup, Allen led the team responsible for a number of global new business wins including MasterCard, Siemens, Microsoft Europe and Lufthansa.[5] He was responsible for the cross-discipline servicing of multinational accounts like L'Oreal, GM, Unilever and Nestle.[2] As Lowe Worldwide Vice Chairman he played a pivotal role in the turnaround that named the company Ad Age’s “Turnaround Agency of the Year” in 2009.[6]

Published Work[edit]

Allen's debut book, The Hidden Agenda: A Proven Way to Win Business and Create a Following (published by Bibliomotion, April 2012) is aimed at sharing his own insights into the world of sales and marketing[7] The book shares techniques Allen used as a "pitch man" working for advertising holding companies, specifically noting experiences with major brands such as MasterCard, Lufthansa, Marriott International, Johnson & Johnson, Rudy Giuliani and others.[8][9]

"This entertaining book moves at a rapid clip and is full of lively anecdotes of hard-won advertising campaigns. From Mastercard's iconic "Priceless" campaign to Rudy Giuliani's mayoral campaign, Kevin Allen has seen first-hand how to effectively find, connect, and speakto the Hidden Agenda to win business unfailingly, every time." Google Books review, 17 April 2012[10]

Allen's second book, The Case of the Missing Cutlery: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star, weaves a "Gladwellian" personal anecdote involving missing cutlery into a course on emotionally intelligent leadership.[11] Allen discusses the case of the missing cutlery on BBC Radio's Four Thought talk series on July 7, 2013.[12] Allen's third book 'Emotify! The Power of the Human Element in Game-based Learning, Serious Games and Experiential Education" was co-written with Dr. Michael J. Sutton and published in 2019.

rekap Inc. and EI Games[edit]

In 2010, Allen created a growth consulting firm KevinAllenPartners Company. In June 2012 KevinAllenPartners Company rebranded under the name rekap Inc. specialising in growth readiness, leadership and business training.[13] The company has offices in London, England and New York City, New York. In 2013, he launched EI Games LLC, which specializes in award-winning emotional intelligence leadership and sales training games.[14]

Allen is a visiting lecturer at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, the Cass School of Business and the European Business School at Regents College London and is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review.[15]

Allen also serves as Dean of the Account Leadership Academy at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[16]

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