Kevin Bokeili

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Kevin Bokeili
Kevin Bokeili, Monaco 2007
Born (1963-02-08)8 February 1963
Nationality French
Occupation writer

Kevin Bokeili (born 8 February 1963, dead 7 April 2014) was a French science fiction writer active since 2004.[1]


Kevin Bokeili grew up in Geneva (Switzerland) where he studied philosophy. In the early 90's, he moved to LA California where he studied screenplay writing. Enjoying writing about time travel and imagining alternate history and parallel worlds, he tried unsuccessfully to begin a writer career in the film industry.[2]

Established in France in 2000, Bokeili finally turned his English screenplays to French science fiction literature[3] and four of his novels have been published since 2004 by Quatrième Zone Publishing.


Published Literary Work in French

Gorck's Land trilogy[edit]

Timeport series[edit]

  • Chronostation 2044 | Chronogare 2044, 2005, 2-915-79501-0
  • Speed & Rock'n Roll, 2008, 2-915-79505-9