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Kevin Fleming
BornSeptember 11, 1972
NationalityUnited States
OccupationNeuroscience-based coach, Author, Speaker, &Former Neuropsychologist
Known forFounder/CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc

Kevin Fleming (born September 11, 1972) is an American neuroscience-based coach, author, speaker, and former neuropsychologist known as the Founder/CEO of Grey Matters International, Inc.[1][2]

Early life and education[edit]

Dr. Fleming was born on in Springfield and raised in Longmeadow, MA. He is a 1991 graduate of Longmeadow High School. He studied psychology at the University of Notre Dame from where he received his BA, MA and PhD in Counseling psychology.[3]

He did his Predoctoral Internship in Professional Psychology at the Counseling & Psychological Services Center at Purdue University and his Postdoctoral Residency in Rural Psychology at the University of Wyoming.


Fleming served as the Director of Training for TrestleTree, an American provider of lifestyle change management services which was later acquired by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in 2015.[4]

In 2008, Fleming founded his own company, Grey Matters International, Inc., an international neuroscience-research informed behavior change consulting, advising, and technology firm for complex individual and organizational entities ill-served by traditional psychological and psychiatric models of change.[5][6][7]

He also founded Assumptive Coaching', an integrative, multi-disciplinary model aimed at challenging the thinking underneath one’s thinking (meta-cognition) about change and the complex systems inherent in decision-making and resultant neuroplastic changes of the brain.[8][9]

Fleming is an Advisory Board Member for Eon Sports,, and the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture at the University of Notre Dame.[10]

He has written and co-authored academic papers which are published in notable journals and academic platforms.[11][12][13]


  • 1994 - Received the Steve Calonje Jazz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Jazz Program at University of Notre Dame.


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