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Kevin Gorman is a British DJ and musician. His music has appeared on labels Ostgut Ton, International DJ Gigolo, Cocoon Recordings, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Skint Records and others. His remix credits include the 1991 classic R&S release "Vamp" by Outlander.

Gorman, originally from Chester, England, first came to attention with a 2006 demo for DJ Hell, featuring track DMX, which featured heavy usage of the Beat Repeat feature of Ableton Live. This signing led DJ Hell to request a full album from Gorman.[1]

In March 2009 he launched his project 'Elements', a series of singles featuring the unique aspect of releasing all the component samples of the music alongside the original tracks, as well as a large collection of DJ tools, loops and alternate mixes.[2] The project was released on Mikrowave, Gorman's own imprint.[3] Also on Mikrowave, Gorman released the single "Seven Eight Nine", featuring a live version from the Berlin club the Berghain.[4]

In 2010, Gorman provided music for the soundtrack to the film Shiver, a documentary concerning the controversial practice of shark finning.[5] These Steve Reich inspired pieces became Frequency Phase Parts 1–3, released in 2012 on the Stroboscopic Artefects label.[6][7]

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