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Kevvy Mental
Birth nameKevin James Maher
BornEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
GenresPuke-rawk, alternative rock, hip-hop
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, sound designer, record producer
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, synthesizer
Years active2007–present
Associated actsFake Shark - Real Zombie!, Jakalope, Die Mannequin, The Birthday Massacre, Fan Death, Ione Sky, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kat Von D

Kevin "Kevvy Mental" Maher is a Canadian musician, film composer, remix artist and music producer, most notable for his work in Fake Shark - Real Zombie! as lead vocalist and programmer.

Early life[edit]

Maher was raised in Langley, British Columbia and went to the Langley Fine Arts School majoring in visual art and drama.

Musical career[edit]

Maher is primarily a vocalist in the band Fake Shark - Real Zombie!, but also plays guitar, piano and programs electronics. He has done a variety of remixes, listed below. He has also programmed electronics and contributed vocals to Jakalope, as well as working alongside Dave Ogilvie coproducing the debut album by former Lillix bass player Louise Burns.[1] The record is nominated for the Polaris Music Prize.

In 2008, Maher teamed up with writer/director CJ Wallis to score the Sarah Slean short film Last Flowers.[2] The film received a pair of Leo Awards nominations in 2009.

2012 sees Maher with numerous irons in the fire, having co-written and produced part of Carly Rae Jepsen's new record,[3] Kiss, as well as writing the new Fake Shark - Real Zombie! record, entitled Liar. He has also composed the music for the film American Mary.

2013 sees him working on an album by tattoo artist Kat Von D.[3]


Maher cites a wide array of artists as influence. As a child he listened to the Wu-Tang Clan.[3] He has been quoted as listening to almost nothing but rap music and jazz. He is a huge fan of Tyler the Creator, Christian Scott, Nirvana, and Mike Patton. He is known to have a friendship with Matt Webb, guitarist of Canadian pop-rock band Marianas Trench.

Another influence and friend is Henry Rollins of Black Flag.



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