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Not to be confused with the drummer for the band Bad City/Powerspace
(photo by Nadia Kane)

Kevin Kane is a Canadian songwriter, musician, and record producer.

The Grapes of Wrath[edit]

Kevin Kane is a founding member of The Grapes of Wrath (vocals/guitar). He temporarily parted ways with the band in 1992, with the remaining members continuing to record as Ginger.

In 1998, principal songwriters Kane and bandmate Tom Hooper reunited to record a new Grapes of Wrath album, Field Trip. It was released in 2000, with Hooper leaving the band the following year.

In 2010 Kane, Tom Hooper (vocals/bass), and Chris Hooper (drums) reformed the original line-up for live performances. In 2012, Grapes signed a deal with Toronto-based label Aporia Records to release an album of new material. The album was recorded with producer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, Blue Rodeo) in the Spring of 2012 and was released under the title High Road in March 2013.

Solo career[edit]

As a solo artist, Kane has released the solo albums Neighborhood Watch (1996), Timmy Loved Judas Priest (2001), and How to Build a Lighthouse (2007). His most recent solo album, The Home Version (2011) sees Kane revisiting songs from The Grapes Of Wrath and his previous solo albums live in the studio, with just his acoustic guitar for accompaniment.

Other work[edit]

Kevin Kane was a member of the short-lived Canadian supergroup Stellar Band of Neighbours. The band included Steven Drake (Odds), Johnny Fay (The Tragically Hip), Simon Kendall (Doug and the Slugs), Del Cowsill (Dustin Bentall), and Wyckham Porteous. Kevin is also a member of the duo Kane & Potvin (with Bryan Potvin of Northern Pikes) and the band FAUXKNOW, with his wife, Nadia.


Kevin Kane has worked as a producer for Zumpano, The Salteens, Star Collector, Wayne Lavallee, Leeroy Stagger, and others.


as solo artist[edit]

1996 – "Neighborhood Watch" LP (OnOff / Cartunes / Cargo)

2001 – "Timmy Loved Judas Priest" LP (independent)

2007 – "How To Build A Lighthouse" LP (Bongo Beat)

2011 – “The Home Version" LP (independent)

with The Grapes of Wrath[edit]

1984 – The Grapes of Wrath EP (Nettwerk)

1985 – September Bowl of Green LP (Nettwerk / EMI)
Released by Capitol in the US.

1987 – Treehouse LP (EMI Canada) – certified gold.
Released by Capitol in the US.

1989 – Now and Again LP (EMI Canada) – certified platinum.
Released by Capitol in the US and EMI in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

1991 – These Days LP (EMI Canada) – certified platinum.
Released by Capitol in the US and EMI in Europe, Australia, and Japan.

1991 – Those Days video compilation (EMI Canada)

1994 – Seems Like Fate 1984–1992 LP (EMI Canada)
Compilation of singles, b-sides, and previously unreleased material.

2000 – Field Trip LP (Song Recordings)
Released in 2003 by Massive! in Japan.

2001 – Those Days DVD (EMI)
Re-release of earlier video compilation, updated with Kevin Kane and Ginger videos.

2012 – Singles CD (EMI)

2013 – High Road CD (Aporia)

with Stellar Band Of Neighbours[edit]

2010 – “Live At The Legion“ LP (independent)

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