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Kevin McCallister
Home Alone character
Macaulay Culkin 1991 B.jpg
Kevin McCallister as originally portrayed by Macaulay Culkin.
First appearanceHome Alone (1990)
Last appearanceHome Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2002)
Created byJohn Hughes
Portrayed byMacaulay Culkin (1 and 2)
Mike Weinberg (4)

Kevin McCallister is a fictional character who is the main protagonist of the films Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House in the Home Alone series of films created by John Hughes. He is portrayed by Macaulay Culkin in the first two films[1] and by Mike Weinberg in the fourth. One of the traits the character is recognized by is when he puts both hands on his cheeks, and screams.


Home Alone (1990)[edit]

While the McCallister family prepare for their trip to Paris, Kevin McCallister finds himself the subject of ridicule from the other children. After getting into an argument with his older brother Buzz over eating Kevin's cheese pizza on purpose, he is sent to his third floor bedroom of the house without having a compensate meal and wishes his family would disappear. The family accidentally leaves Kevin behind, as a power outage resets the alarm clocks and causes them to wake up late.

He wakes up to find the house vacant and is overjoyed to find that his wish came true. He gets away with stealing Buzz's life savings, practicing shooting with Buzz's BB gun, jumping on the bed, watching a gangster film, and eating a large amount of junk food. However, Kevin finds himself scared by the appearance of an officer of the Chicago Police Department called by his parents to check on Kevin via payphone from Paris after Kate realizes they accidentally left him behind, his next door neighbor "Old Man" Marley, who was rumored to have murdered his family in 1958 and the progressing years, and the appearance of The Wet Bandits, Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants, who are breaking into other vacant homes on the same block and are aware of which houses are vacant, as Harry impersonated a police officer doing wellness checks on families before the holidays. On Christmas Eve, Kevin overhears Harry and Marv discussing plans for breaking into his house that night. After conversing with a Santa impersonator and watching a local choir perform in a church in hopes to have his family return, Kevin runs into Marley. They briefly speak, and Kevin learns that Marley is in fact a very nice man; Marley tells Kevin he and his son are estranged and have not spoken in years after an argument they had. Kevin, now realizing how it feels not to have his family for Christmas, suggests Marley reconcile with his son. As Kevin leaves, he hears the church bells ringing, and, remembering the plot to break into his house, rushes home and sets up numerous booby traps inside the house.

Harry and Marv, who were initially deceived by Kevin's illusions that the house was occupied, finally realize that he is home alone and attempt to break in, running into the traps. After Harry and Marv spring every trap in the house, Kevin retreats to his parents room on the second floor, and calls the Chicago Police Department from a landline telephone. Harry and Marv manage to chase Kevin out of the house; he then flees to the Murphy home, which was vacant and broken into earlier. The Wet Bandits catch Kevin when he runs to the top of the stairs connecting the basement and the first floor and hang him from a coat hook on the door. They decide to do the same things that Kevin did to them and Harry decides to bite Kevin's fingers one at a time first, but Marley intervenes and hits them with his snow shovel and takes Kevin home. Shortly after Kevin is safely returned home, Harry and Marv are arrested. As the car drives away, Harry turns his head and gives Kevin a stern look while Kevin responds with a teasing smile and waves at him.

Kevin wakes up the next morning and is disappointed to see that his family is still gone. While upstairs looking at a family portrait, Kevin hears Kate come into the house, calling for him. He goes downstairs and the two of them meet across the hall. Kate tells Kevin she is sorry, and Kevin smiles at her and runs into her arms. Shortly afterward, the rest of the McCallisters, having traveled directly to Chicago from Paris, arrive. Kevin keeps silent about his encounter with Harry and Marv. Kevin and Buzz have a moment of reconciliation. He then goes over to the window, looks out and sees Marley reunited with his son and his family. After the two wave to each other and Marley goes back to his house with his family, Buzz yells about the mess Kevin made earlier in the film, and he flees to another part of the house, ending the film.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)[edit]

The McCallister family prepares to spend Christmas in Miami. Kevin McCallister's main problem is the lack of Christmas trees in Florida. During the school Christmas concert, Kevin's older brother Buzz humiliates him during his solo, causing Kevin to retaliate and ruin the show. Though Buzz apologizes to the family and Kevin himself, Kevin refuses to apologize for his actions, and, still angry with the family's decision to go to Miami, he storms up to the third floor bedroom of the house, wishing that he had his own money so he could go on his own vacation by himself. The McCallisters accidentally wake up late on the day of the flight, as their alarm clock was reset earlier, and the family hastily departs for Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Kevin loses sight of his family while loading his Talkboy with fresh batteries from Peter's bag, and ends up following a man wearing the same coat as his dad onto a flight that, unknown to him, is bound for LaGuardia Airport in New York City.

Once Kevin realizes that he has arrived in New York instead of Miami, he sees it as an adventure and goes sightseeing. While doing so, he takes notice of an eerie-looking woman tending to pigeons in Central Park. He then makes up a story to check in to the Plaza Hotel using Peter's credit card. The following morning, Kevin tours New York in a limo and visits a large toy store called Duncan's Toy Chest, where he meets the philanthropic owner, Mr. Duncan. Kevin discovers the proceeds from Christmas sales will be donated to a children's hospital. After donating some money, Mr. Duncan allows Kevin to take a pair of ceramic turtle doves as a gift, instructing him to give one to another person as a sign of eternal friendship. After leaving the toy store, Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants, now called the "Sticky Bandits" according to Marv, spot Kevin and confront him. Harry and Marv have escaped from prison in Chicago during a riot and plan to rob Duncan's Toy Chest. They chase Kevin through the streets and he escapes them by dropping pearls on the ground, which Harry and Marv slip and fall on. Kevin attempts to retreat into his hotel room, but Mr. Hector, the hotel concierge, confronts Kevin about the credit card, which came up as being stolen. Kevin flees, but is captured by the bandits once again. He records their plans of breaking into the store on his Talkboy before fleeing by hiding in the back of a hansom cab with the help of a French woman Marv had encountered the day before.

Having noted earlier that his uncle Rob has a townhouse in New York, Kevin attempts to visit him and successfully reaches the house. However, the house is vacant and undergoing renovations and Rob and his family are in Paris. While in Central Park, he runs into the pigeon lady, only to get his foot caught while attempting to escape. After she frees him, they watch a local orchestra perform in a loft above Carnegie Hall which is a musical instruments storage room. Kevin learns how her life has fallen apart and how she dealt with it by taking care of the pigeons in the park and he promises to be her friend.

Kevin walks by the children's hospital that Mr. Duncan was planning to donate his proceeds to. Recalling Harry and Marv's plans to rob the store, Kevin returns to Rob's house to prepare a series of booby-traps. Kevin arrives at the store during the break-in and photographs Harry and Marv before setting off the burglar alarm by throwing a brick tied with a note to Mr. Duncan through the window. The bandits chase Kevin and spring every trap in the house. Afterwards, Kevin calls the New York Police Department from a phone booth. The bandits trap Kevin when he slips on a patch of ice and they take him to Central Park. But before they can shoot him, the pigeon lady intervenes and uses birdseed for the pigeons to attack the bandits while Kevin escapes and sets off fireworks he had bought earlier to signal the police. Harry and Marv are arrested, and the stolen money is recovered. Furthermore, the police also have Kevin's photographs and tape as evidence against the duo. At the toy store, Mr. Duncan sees Kevin's note and realizes his role in foiling the bandits.

While making a wish at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Kevin reunites with his mother. A truckload of gifts from the toy store comes to the Plaza on Christmas Day as a reward for Kevin foiling the robbery. Buzz suggests that had it not been for Kevin getting on the wrong flight, they would not be in the suite with the Christmas tree and free gifts in the first place, and allows Kevin to open up the first present as a sign of reconciliation. During the festivities, Kevin runs out to give the pigeon lady a turtle dove to reaffirm his promise. Once Buzz receives the room service bill from Kevin's stay, he shows it to Peter, who yells about the charge of $967. Kevin runs back to the hotel, and the film ends.

Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2002)[edit]

At the McCallisters' house, Peter (Jason Beghe) is about to get divorced from Kate (Clare Carey) and announces that he's living with his new and rich girlfriend Natalie (Joanna Going) at her mansion. He tells his three children Buzz (Gideon Jacobs), Megan (Chelsea Russo), and Kevin (Mike Weinberg) that they are hosting the visit of a royal family and invites everyone to spend Christmas with him and Natalie. After initially refusing, Kevin takes his father up on his offer after being bullied by Buzz.

Kevin enjoys his time at Natalie's mansion with his new bedroom, latest gadgets and his life. The next morning, Natalie and Peter go out for a bit while Kevin stays at the mansion with Natalie's butler Mr. Prescott (Erick Avari) and maid Molly (Barbara Babcock). While Mr. Prescott makes Kevin a milkshake, he goes into the security room and gets caught by Mr. Prescott who gives Kevin another chance. With Natalie and Peter still away, Kevin notices his old nemesis Marv (French Stewart), who is the remaining member of the Wet/Sticky Bandits after ditching his last partner, Harry (who is still in jail), along with his new sidekick and wife Vera (Missi Pyle) outside the house. Kevin tries to get Mr. Prescott to answer the intercom, but unfortunately it doesn't work because Marv altered the security system. He then spies on them and drives them away by flooding the house, but Peter and Natalie arrive while Kevin is cleaning up and don't believe Kevin's explanation, especially since Mr. Prescott claims to have seen nothing. Kevin then attempts to use the security camera footage to prove himself, but discovers that the camera had been turned off and is caught by Mr. Prescott, who Kevin now believes to be Marv and Vera's ally. Molly then appears and gets Kevin out of trouble. Peter and Natalie then realize they gave Kevin a hard time and decide to make him feel better, so the three of them decorate the tree.

The next morning, Peter and Kevin wake up and realize their tree was re-decorated because of Natalie. Kate, Buzz and Megan then arrive to visit Kevin. Kate meets Natalie in person and Kevin shows the entire house to Buzz and Megan. At a party for the royal family while Peter and Natalie have gone to pick them up, Kevin notices Marv and Vera dressed up as caterers. Mr. Prescott warns Kevin about tonight so he then tricks Mr. Prescott into going into the freezer room and he ends up locked in the freezer room and frozen in ice. Kevin then spies on Marv and Vera in his bedroom and hears them planning about kidnapping the prince. Unfortunately for them, Kevin makes sure that their plan was a failure and has them fall out and break the window. The royal family are unable to attend the party because their flight was cancelled, so Peter and Natalie decide to announce their engagement to the party guests instead. Marv and Vera run back into the house and Kevin hits Marv with a frying pan, flips the table and get soup spilled on Marv and Vera. Then they chase Kevin who continually runs into the guests while trying to escape, accidentally causing a riot and ruins the party. Peter is angered at this event and sends Kevin to his room, still refusing to believe him about the break-in and believes that Kevin is trying to sabotage his relationship with Natalie.

Since no one believes him about the heist, Kevin decides to deal with matters himself, and sets booby traps for Marv and Vera. The next morning Peter and Natalie go get the royals and Kevin is left back at the house. Marv and Vera wake up and head to the house. Kevin tricks and locks Mr. Prescott in the basement, but eventually discovers Marv and Vera's real ally is actually Molly, who also turns out to be Marv's mother as well. Kevin gets locked in the basement with Mr. Prescott. After apologizing to Mr. Prescott for misjudging him (and vice versa), Kevin manages to escape through the dumbwaiter. Kevin then traps Marv under the dumbwaiter but Vera gets him out. Then, Kevin unleashes his traps on Marv and Vera. Afterward, Molly appears as Kevin manages to trap her in the elevator, and runs to his bedroom. At the airport, Peter gets worried about Kevin and takes a cab back to Natalie's to check on him. Back in the basement, Mr. Prescott then manages to escape through the dumbwaiter as well to see if Kevin is alright. Just on the road, Kate, Buzz, and Megan are on their way to save Kevin as well. Marv heads to the bedroom and ends up getting caught and stuck under the bookshelf. Kevin then plays a recording of Marv, making it sound like he's insulting Vera, which causes her to yell at him and argue. Marv then gets hit by Kevin's electric aircraft making him fall and rumble down the stairs. Marv and Vera are then tricked by Kevin with a secret wall switch, end up swinging from a chandelier, and they fall and are knocked unconscious. Molly, having escaped, grabs Kevin but Mr. Prescott knocks her out with a serving tray. Then, he and Kevin call the police.

As Peter, Kate, Buzz, and Megan arrive, Kevin, with Buzz and Megan's help, chases Marv and Vera out of the house and trips them up. Peter apologizes to Kevin for not believing him. The royal family and Natalie arrive and Natalie is confused when she sees Marv, Vera, and Molly getting arrested. Peter tells Natalie that Kevin saved the day and an FBI agent reveals that Molly, Marv, and Vera masterminded the plot to abduct the royals. Peter breaks up with Natalie, Mr. Prescott resigns, the royals spend Christmas with the McCallisters, and it is a good Christmas for everyone except for Natalie, Marv, Vera, and Molly.


Kevin is the fifth of Kate and Peter's five children, and the youngest son. He was born and is currently living in Chicago. Kevin has four siblings; his two older brothers, Buzz and Jeff, and two older sisters, Linnie and Megan.

Kevin has lots of relatives. Kevin has two aunts; Leslie and Georgette. He has two uncles; Frank and Rob. He has six cousins; through Frank and Leslie he had five: Rod, Tracy, Sondra, Brooke, and Fuller, who wears glasses and is famous for drinking soda (such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola) and wetting the bed. Through Rob and Georgette, Heather is Kevin's cousin, as well as three unnamed children who were seen only briefly in the first film.

His relationship with his family was antagonist at first, but this change when they become kinder to him when he defend his family house from the hands of Marv & Harry.

Critical reception[edit]

  • Magazine "" put Kevin McCallister at the 99th place on the list of "The 100 Best Movie Characters of All Time".[2]


At the 12th Youth in Film Awards, Macaulay Culkin won a Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture for his role as Kevin McCallister.

Other appearances[edit]

Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant[edit]

In a short film serving as an advertisement for the Google Assistant titled Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant, published on December 19, 2018, Macaulay Culkin reprised his Home Alone role as Kevin McCallister. The film recreated scenes from the original 1990 film, where McCallister shaved his face, jumped on the bed, and decorated the Christmas tree all while asking the Google Assistant to set reminders for him. The advertisement quickly went viral.[3][4][5]


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