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Kevin McColley is the author of several novels. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked many jobs, including operating a nuclear reactor.[citation needed] He served in the U.S. Navy for six years, during which he traveled throughout the Caribbean pursuing drug runners.[citation needed] He also spent eight months in the Mediterranean recovering downed U.S. pilots, both dead and alive, and he patrolled Gaddafi's "line of death."[citation needed] He lives in northern Minnesota.[1]

He is a teacher who also works as a writing instructor for the Long Ridge Writers Group.[citation needed]


  • The Walls of Pedro Garcia, Delacorte Press, 1993
  • Pecking Order, HarperCollins, 1994
  • Sun Dance, Simon & Schuster, 1996
  • Switch, Simon & Schuster, 1997
  • Praying to a Laughing God, Simon & Schuster, 1998
  • The Other Side, Simon & Schuster, 2000


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