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This article is about the historian. For the mathematician and theologian, see Kevin J. Sharpe.

Kevin Sharpe (26 January 1949 – 5 November 2011) was a historian, Director of the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, Leverhulme Research Professor and Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. He is best known for his work on the reign of Charles I of England.[1]

Education and career[edit]

He studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate at St Catherine's College, Oxford,[1] and from 1974 to 1978, he was a junior research fellow at Oriel College, Oxford. Formerly he was visiting Professor to Princeton, Stanford, The California Institute of Technology, The Australian National University and The Max Planck Institute, Goettingen.[2] He was also lecturer at the University of Southampton, where he was awarded a personal chair in 1994. From 2001 he worked at the University of Warwick, and from 2005 at Queen Mary.[1]


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As editor:

  • Politics of Discourse: The Literature and History of Seventeenth-Century England. Edited by Kevin Sharpe and Steven N. Zwicker. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1987, ISBN 978-0520060708



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