Kevin Thompson (karate)

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Kevin Thompson
Born1962 (age 57–58)
DiedJanuary 8, 2020
Other namesLil K.A.
Teacher(s)Karriem Abdallah

Kevin Thompson (born 1962[1]) was an American former world champion of karate.[2] Thompson was referred to in his early years of fighting as Lil K.A. named after his teacher Karriem Abdallah. At the age of 14, Thompson had an article in Black Belt Magazine.[3] Kevin was inducted into the 1988 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame as the Co-Competitor of the Year.[4]

Martial Arts competitive career[edit]

Since 1972, Thompson had amassed over 100 trophies from martial arts competitions.[3] He fought in the Professional Karate League in the mid 1990s and was known as a forms and sparring star.[5] Under Team Paul Mitchell, he would compete in and win in major tournaments such as the Players Cup[6] and Ocean State Grand Nations.[7] Thompson was the winner of the elusive triple crown, the winner of sparring, forms, and weapons.[1] Thompson entered into mixed martial arts and had a 3-1 record in professional matches.[8] He also had an amateur MMA record of 4-1.[8]

Martial Arts teaching[edit]

Thompson taught out of a dojo in New Jersey. He had a team of performers he calls Shakil’s Warriors. He instructed students on the physical and psychological aspects of competitive fighting.[5] He suffered from ALS but continued to teach karate until no longer able to do so.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Thompson was married to Shena and had 6 children.[10] He has served as a spokesman pushing for a cure for ALS.[10]


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