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Kevin Tsai
Born (1962-03-01) March 1, 1962 (age 56)
Taipei, Taiwan
Other names Tsai Kang-yong
Alma mater UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
Tunghai University
Occupation Television host, writer, film director, screenwriter

Kevin Tsai (Chinese: 蔡康永; pinyin: Cài Kāngyǒng) is a Taiwanese writer, television host, film director and screenwriter. He is most well known for his role in hosting the television program Kangxi Lai Le which airs on Chung T'ien Television with fellow hostess Dee Hsu.

Early life[edit]

Tsai was born to a wealthy family. His father was a well known lawyer and his family was briefly in the shipping business. Tsai went to private schools for his pre–bachelor education, and he entered Tunghai University to study foreign language in 1984.


In 1990, Kevin Tsai graduated from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television with a Master Degree in TV Production and moved back to Taiwan. He began working as the director of Voice of Taipei Radio Station, and later on the Chief Editor of GQ – Taiwan. In 2004, Tsai was joined by his fellow hostess Dee Hsu in hosting the TV program KangXi Lai Le and his popularity skyrocketed from his style and banter. Tsai has also been frequenting the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards. Partnered with Carol Cheng(2 times) , Patty Hou(1 time) and Lin Chi-ling(1 time) , Kevin Tsai has been presenting the award show since 2001. Tsai is also a writer. He has written seven different books and many of them became Taiwan’s bestsellers as well as writing comedy material in his popular talk show.

In October 2015, Tsai and Dee Hsu both announced to end their hosting duties of their show to move on to other commitments. Their final show was taped on December 2015 and broadcast on January 2016.

After the show ended, Tsai wrote and directed his first feature film, Didi's Dream, with Hsu as the lead in a dual role. Tsai said the film was a passion project and made for supporters of his and Hsu's talk show.

Personal life[edit]

Tsai is openly gay.[1] During a program hosted by Li Ao in 2002, Kevin Tsai openly acknowledged his sexual orientation while pointing out that there was still much work to be done in Taiwan’s LGBT social movements.[2] [3] [4]


Tsai has written seven books, including:

  • Chinese: 流浪记
  • Chinese: 痛快日记, published 1996
  • Chinese: 再错也要谈恋爱, published 1996
  • Those brilliant things the guys gave to me (Chinese: 那些男孩教我的事), published 2004



Year English title Mandarin title Role Notes
1989 The Last Aristocrats 最后的贵族 Co-screenwriter
1990 Song of the Exile 客途秋恨 Associate Producer
1993 Fong Sai-yuk 方世玉 Co-screenwriter
2017 Didi's Dream 吃吃的愛 Director, co-screenwriter


Awards ceremony[edit]

Year Event Notes
2001 38th Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Carol Cheng)
2002 39th Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Carol Cheng)
2003 40th Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Carol Cheng)
2004 40th Golden Bell Awards Co-host (with Dee Hsu)
41st Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Chiling Lin)
2005 China Fashion Awards Host
2006 43rd Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Patty Hou)
2007 42nd Golden Bell Awards Co-host (with Patty Hou)
2010 47th Golden Horse Awards Co-host (with Dee Hsu)
2013 50th Golden Horse Awards Host

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Role
1996-1997 翻书触电王 Host
1998-2003 真情指数 Host
2002-2005 今天不读书 Host
2003-2005 Two Generation Company 两代电力公司 Host
2004-2015 Kangsi Coming 康熙来了 Co-host (with Dee Hsu)
2005 View 360 观点360 Host
2005-2006 志永智勇电力学校 Co-host (with Chiling Lin)
2006-2007 Happy Saturday 幸福星期六 Host
2018-now 坦白吧!花花世界 Co-host (with Dee Hsu)

Music video appearances[edit]

Year Title Singer Notes
2011 "陷阱 Trap" Cindy Yen
2012 "你存在 Existence" Xin

Awards & nominations[edit]

Golden Bell Awards[edit]

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2003 Zhen Qing Zhi Shu Best Host in a Culture & Education Programme Nominated
Two Generation Company Best Host in a Variety Programme Nominated
2004 Nominated
2005 Nominated
Kangxi lai le Won
2006 Nominated
2007 Nominated
2008 Nominated


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