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Kevin Tucker
Born 1980 (age 35–36)
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Occupation Author, musician
Movement Anarcho-primitivism, Rewilding, Green Anarchism

Kevin Tucker is an anarcho-primitivist writer and speaker who lives in rural Pennsylvania. He is the editor of Species Traitor,[1] an insurrectionary anarcho-primitivist journal, an editor and contributor to Green Anarchy magazine, and co-founder of the Black and Green Network.[2] Black and Green Press and FC Press put out a book of Tucker's writings in April 2010 called For Wildness and Anarchy[3]

He is also the guitarist/vocalist for anarcho-primitivist death metal band Peregrine.[4]

Contributions to anarchism[edit]

His primary contributions to anarcho-primitivism have been the expansion of anthropological understanding, focusing on the importance of spirituality and domestication, a deep critique of revolution, and the act of rewilding.[5] A common theme among Tucker's writings have been the consequences of domestication and sedentism among nomadic gather-hunters. The central argument being that human nature has been shaped by evolution in accordance with wildness, what Tucker calls "primal anarchy".[6] That "primal anarchy" is exemplified by nomadic gatherer-hunter life. By focusing on the changes brought about by various levels of domestication one can see the impacts of domestication and ultimately civilization.[7]

Tucker has written extensively regarding the impacts and plausibility of revolution.[8] Concluding that revolution will always be political in nature and therefore has no relevance to the destruction of civilization or further aid in its collapse. Focus has instead been turned towards what Tucker calls 'Primal War':[9] a notion based on rewilding and undermining domestication rather than hope for liberation through a historical event.

Tucker is a colleague of fellow anarcho-primitivist John Zerzan and the two have engaged on multiple speaking tours focusing on the origins of civilization and the consequences of domestication.[2]

Court hearing[edit]

Tucker received some attention in the media after being subpoenaed to a Grand Jury, as a part of the Green Scare round up of Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF)activists;[10][11] a move Tucker called "harassment".[12] Even though he was not a suspect of committing any crime, he was questioned because the FBI believed he might have had some information on the actions of these organizations. He has stated that he has no knowledge of the ELF and the ALF, other than what is publicly known.[13]


Tucker's band Peregrine released its debut album The Agrarian Curse in 2008 and a split with Pittsburgh band Auryn the next year. Proceeds from the split with Auryn went to "folks facing jail time and courts in the Green Scare." Both were released on Andy Hurley's record label Fuck City.[14][15]

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