Kevin Wasden

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Kevin Wasden
Kevin Wasden at CONduit 2007.png
Wasden at CONduit 17 in Salt Lake City.
Born Kevin Wasden
Nationality U.S.
Education Utah State University[1]
Andy Reiss
Known for Painting, Illustration

Kevin Wasden is a science fiction and fantasy artist, illustrator, and comics artist from Utah. He has illustrated book covers, magazines, and gaming manuals. He attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah where he studied psychology before switching to art and illustration.[1] His first major illustration job was for a professor at USU, after which he moved to New York City, where he illustrated several books and studied oil painting.[1]

Wasden has been inspired by many artists, including Alfons Mucha, Brom, Gustav Klimt, Edgar Degas, and his favorite fantasy artist is John William Waterhouse.[1] Wasden provided guest art for the third Schlock Mercenary collection.[2] He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[3]


In addition to his freelance illustration work, Wasden is the creator and writer of the Technosaurs web comic.

Little Women[edit]

Wasden illustrated several books by Charlotte Emerson based on Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Roleplaying books[edit]

Wasden has illustrated several roleplaying game reference manuals.

Other works[edit]

  • All the Dirt on Dinosaurs, by Don Lessem, Tor Kids, ISBN 0-606-25653-9 (hardcover), ISBN 0-8125-6798-6 (paperback)
  • Ask Me Anything About Dinosaurs, by Louis Phillips, Avon Books, ISBN 0-380-78552-8
  • Ask Me Anything About Monsters, by Louis Phillips, Avon Books, ISBN 0-380-78551-X
  • Exploring Terrific Opportunities for Young Scientists: A Handbook for Teachers and Mentors of Young Scientists, by Prent Klag, Utah State University[4]
  • Grave Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Cemetery Studies, by Prent Klag, Utah State University[5]


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