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Kevin Webster
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Michael Le Vell
Duration 1983–
First appearance Episode 2353
19 October 1983
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Book appearances Coronation Street:
The Complete Saga

Coronation Street:
Life In The Street
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Mechanic
Home 13 Coronation Street

Kevin John Webster is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. Portrayed by actor Michael Le Vell, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 19 October 1983.[1] Le Vell was suspended from the soap in 2013 due to allegations of sexual offences,[2][3] with scenes he had already filmed cut from broadcast.[4] Le Vell was found not guilty of all charges in September 2013,[5] and briefly returned in early 2014, before taking another 3-month break from the show and returning once again.[6][7]

Kevin is protective of his two daughters Rosie Webster (Emma Collinge, Helen Flanagan) and Sophie Webster (Ashleigh Middleton, Emma Woodward, Brooke Vincent) and their mother Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor). His notable storylines have seen him have an on and off relationship and marriage with Sally, his affair with Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns) which resulted in the birth of his son Jack. Kevin has recently embarked on a romance with Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews).


Kevin Webster arrives in Weatherfield in 1983, moving in with Hilda Ogden as her lodger. He gets a job as a mechanic at Brian Tilsley's garage. His father, Bill, and sister, Debbie, soon follow. Kevin stays in Weatherfield with Hilda after Bill remarries and he and Debbie move down to Southampton in January 1985. Kevin builds up a mother-son relationship with Hilda.

Kevin becomes good friends with Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro), who sets him up on a blind date with Michelle Robinson in May 1985. The two start dating regularly and Kevin loses his virginity to her but after pressuring her constantly for sex, Michelle ends the relationship in July 1985. Kevin is single until January 1986 when he meets Sally Seddon after accidentally splashing her whilst driving by in his lorry. Their romance is often strained, due to Hilda's interference, as she feels that Kevin is too good for Sally and Sally is loyal to her family, who treat her badly. Kevin proposes repeatedly but Sally only accepts after Kevin risks his life saving Bet Lynch (Julie Goodyear) from a fire in 1986. They finally marry in October 1986.

The following year, Hilda leaves Weatherfield, after selling the house to Kevin and Sally and Kevin continues to work at the garage after his boss Brian is murdered. After much persuasion from Sally, he eventually buys it in 1996 and goes into partnership with Tony Horrocks (Lee Warburton). Kevin and Sally have two daughters: Rosie (born in the back of Don Brennan's (Geoffrey Hinsliff) taxi in December 1990) and Sophie (originally named Lauren; born in November 1994). However, their happiness doesn't last as in 1997, as Kevin has an affair with Natalie Horrocks, mother of his business partner, Tony. Originally, their affair is no-strings attached but Natalie falls for Kevin and wants him permanently. As a result, she gets careless in covering up the affair so Sally discovers Kevin's infidelity but forgives him; however, they separate permanently after Sally has an affair with her boss, Greg Kelly. They divorce in 1999 and Sally has to fight Kevin for custody of their daughters after she leaves them with him while searching for somewhere else to live. Kevin discovers that Greg has hit Sally in front of the girls but she is still awarded custody.

Later that year, Kevin starts dating factory worker Alison Wakefield, but she leaves him when it becomes apparent that he is still in love with Sally. However, upon discovering that she is pregnant with his child, Kevin and Alison reconcile and they marry in January 2000 with Kevin's daughters (with Rosie now being played by Helen Flanagan), Roy (David Neilson) and Hayley Cropper (Julie Hesmondhalgh), Linda Sykes (Jacqueline Pirie) and Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) present. Their happiness doesn't last, however, when their son Jake dies when he is only a day old in June 2000 from a Group B streptococcal infection. Their tragedy is too much for Alison to bear and after kidnapping Sarah-Louise Platt's (Tina O'Brien) newborn baby, Bethany (Emily and Amy Walton), she commits suicide by stepping in front of a lorry, leaving Kevin devastated.

In the following months, Kevin has a brief romance with Molly Hardcastle (Jacqueline Kingston), a nurse he meets through his friend, Martin Platt (Sean Wilson), whom he helps reconsider committing suicide when he learns that she is financial trouble. He ends the relationship when he realises that he is still in love with Sally and disrupts her wedding to Danny Hargreaves, informing him that he and Sally slept together the night before he married Alison. Danny is disgusted and jilts her at the altar, leaving Sally humiliated and devastated. As 2002 approaches, Kevin is determined to win Sally back and eventually convinces her to remarry him, although she warns him that it is only for their daughters' sakes. However, while engaged to Kevin, Sally has a brief fling with Alex, a painter and decorator, which is revealed on their wedding day. Sally then has to decide who she wants to be with and chooses Kevin, who has already forgiven her for her fling with Alex, and they remarry on 9 December 2002.

During the following years, Kevin continues to work at the garage and becomes a brotherly figure to employee Tyrone Dobbs. He also becomes good friends with his employee Tommy Harris (Thomas Craig), and they save Gail Hillman (Helen Worth) and her children, Sarah-Louise and David (Jack P. Shepherd) when her husband Richard Hillman (Brian Capron) tries to kill them in the Weatherfield canal in March 2003. Kevin is distraught when he discovers Tommy's body in the garage in March 2005 after he has been murdered by his daughter, Katy (Lucy-Jo Hudson). That same year sees Sally become a pushy parent, much to Kevin and Rosie's distress. She enrols Rosie into the prestigious Oakhill School after Rosie shows good potential at maths and forces Kevin to work longer hours so they can keep her there. Sally also starts working for car dealer Ian Davenport (Philip Bretherton, whose daughter, Gemma, is one of Rosie's friends at Oakhill. Sally and Ian have an affair later in 2005, which Rosie discovers when she walks in on them. When Kevin finds out, he is devastated and decides to end the marriage but Rosie persuades him not to, convincing him that Sally does love him and is only having the affair so that she can pay her tuition fees.

In 2007, Kevin is worried that Sally is having another affair, this time with teacher John Stape (Graeme Hawley). This transpires as John is tutoring Sally in A-level English. John's girlfriend Fiz Brown (Jennie McAlpine) thinks the same but when she confronts Sally on Christmas Day 2007, Kevin, Sally and Fiz are stunned to learn hat John is in fact having an affair with Rosie. Kevin severely beats John and is subsequently arrested for assault, being sentenced to 28 days imprisonment. However, he only serves 14 days for good behaviour.

Kevin begins feuding with businessman Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) during July 2008, who manipulates Rosie into helping him persuade Kevin to sell him the garage. Kevin refuses but Tony invests in Kevin again, this time with Jimmy Dockerson (Robert Beck), Kevin responds angrily but forgets about Jimmy until he realises he is losing clients. He confronts the specific garage mechanic alone with Jimmy before confronting Tony about the situation, although Sally and Rosie deny Kevin's proof. Kevin later discovers that his tow truck has been stolen whilst helping a woman fix her car on a call-out. Although he has no proof, he knows that Tony is responsible and finds out that Rosie is giving Tony business documents from the garage. He is furious that she has betrayed him like that, even though she thought she was actually helping him with his ailing business. He gives half the business to Tyrone as an incentive to help him rebuild the business. As a result of his ploy to stop Tony from gaining control of it, Kevin is now a co-owner.

Rosie later disappears leaving Sally and Kevin distraught. They initially think that she has run off with Lottery winnings from the Underworld syndicate until Janice Battersby (Vicky Entwistle) admits that she stole Rosie's identity and used it to claim the money. Sally and Kevin receive a postcard from Rosie, which leads them to believe that she is in Holyhead and Sally goes there, searching for her to no avail. Kevin and Sally are reunited with Rosie on 5 November 2008, when Fiz discovers that John Stape had abducted her. Kevin threatens John but is restrained by a detective.

In 2009, Kevin becomes attracted to Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns), wife of his business partner and best friend, Tyrone. Molly begins to help Sally with the book-keeping and spends more time with Kevin. Eventually he tells Molly that he has feelings for her but she is initially horrified and slaps Kevin but later admits that she is flattered. They begin an affair, first sleeping together when Kevin sneaks away from Sally's birthday party in July 2009. Afterwards, Kevin feels guilty and decides to end the fling by persuading Tyrone to take Molly on holiday but it resumes in August. They soon admit that they love each other and plan to start a new life together. However, Kevin keeps finding reasons not to tell Sally, including Sophie (Brooke Vincent)'s baptism and her GCSEs. On Christmas Day, Kevin and Molly agree that they will tell their respective partners then but Sally drops a bombshell of her own - she has breast cancer. Kevin makes it to Molly's house before she tells Tyrone, telling her that Sally has cancer and that he intends to support her, ending their relationship. However, he has to talk to Molly as she discovers that she is four months pregnant and isn't sure who the father is. Kevin, however, refuses to have anything to do with her and suggests she have a termination but Tyrone is thrilled and convinces Molly to let him look after her. Hurt by Kevin's behaviour, Molly agrees.

In August 2010 at Roy and Hayley's wedding, Claire Peacock (Julia Haworth) tells the Street that she caught Sophie and her best friend, Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson), kissing a few days before but Kevin and Sally don't believe her. Sophie admits the truth to her shocked father that night, that she and Sian are in love. Kevin is supportive but the girls decide to run away together, much to Kevin and Sally's devastation. They are later reunited with her after Rosie tracks her down to Sheffield and brings them home. On 6 December, Kevin is knocked down by the explosion in the Joinery and derails a tram that smashes into the corner shop, crushing Molly, who is inside with baby Jack and Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati). He and Tyrone try to free Molly but they are pulled away by the emergency services. Sally sits with Molly to comfort her as she is dying and she tells Sally that Kevin is baby Jack's father. Sally is devastated and Kevin admits it so she throws him out and he returns to the hospital to see how Jack is doing. When Jack is discharged, Tyrone asks for Kevin and Sally for help to look after him. However, Sally goes out, unable to face Jack but Kevin finds her and tries to convince her that he still loves her. Sally tells him that she wants him to leave for good. Later, in the Rovers, he meets Bill and Pam. Pam expresses her grief at Molly's death and makes it clear she blames Kevin as she does not know how to tell Molly's father, Diggory (Eric Potts). The funeral is arranged for 17 December 2010 and during the service, Tyrone breaks down while giving his eulogy and Kevin takes over but Sally leaves the church, disgusted. Unfortunately this and seeing Kevin and Sally argue arouses Tyrone's suspicions. At the graveside, Tyrone realises that Kevin is Jack's father and attacks him at the graveside, making him fall into the grave on top of Molly's coffin. Later, Sally, Rosie and Sophie insist that Kevin leave, despite his pleas for forgiveness. Kevin spends the night in the garage and goes home the next day, barging in and refuses to leave until Sally threatens to call the police and have him arrested. Sophie begs her not to and Sally agrees to let Kevin stay that night, providing that he stay away from her. The next day, Tyrone gives baby Jack to Kevin, much to Sally and Rosie's disgust and Rosie moves out. On Christmas Eve, Sally tells Kevin that watching him with Jack makes her hate him even more and she wants them out. He asks Tyrone to take Jack back but he refuses so Kevin moves out, but after a desperate plea from Sophie, Sally allows Kevin to stay for Christmas Day.

On New Year's Eve, Kevin accepts the fact that Jack is his son and that his family don't want him around. He leaves Coronation Street, returning a week later only to find Tyrone leaving his house and confronts him. Sally tells Kevin that her life is no longer his business, making Kevin and Tyrone fight. Kevin tells Sally that he is filing for divorce and is putting the house on the market. Kevin and Sally agree a truce but when Kevin suggests they reconcile and raise Jack together, Sally refuses and this leads to a feud between them as he shows buyers around the house but Sally and neighbour, Eddie Windass put them off. That week, Rosie tells Kevin that she wants to get to know Jack better and offers to babysit but actually uses him for a modelling audition but brings the wrong baby home, angering Kevin. He returns the other child and collects Jack from the studio, telling Rosie to stay away and ignores her until her boss, Alfie, Sally's new boyfriend, Jeff Cullen), fires her. Kevin supports her and offers to punch Alfie but the arguing upsets Sophie so she gets drunk and believing that her life is falling apart, falls off the church roof. Sally blames Kevin and they argue again until Sian interrupts, telling them that they are both responsible for Sophie's accident. Although unhappy at what Sian has said, they accept this and call a truce. Sally invites him to the house for the evening and allows Kevin to hug her but he gets the wrong impression and tries to kiss her so she asks him to leave.

On the day that Kevin and Sally meet to finalise their divorce, Kevin wins £200,000 on a scratch card but keeps it secret. Tyrone, however, tells Sally just as she is about to sign. On hearing this, Sally refuses to sign and demands £100,000. The following week, Sally receives some flowers from Kevin and he also buys Sally a new car but she sells it and keeps the money before getting the lottery money frozen until a court hearing can be arranged. However, the judge rules in Kevin's favour as Sally loses her temper when Kevin's lawyer reminds her of her affair with Ian Davenport but he later gives the entire £200,000 to Sally, after Bill encourages him to do whatever is necessary to win Sally back. After talking to Gail, she returns half of the winnings to him for Jack and they call a truce. When Jeff reveals he is taking Sally to Paris for a fortnight and gloats in front of Kevin, Sally apologises for Jeff's attitude and they remember their wedding anniversary trip to Paris five years before. Kevin bids Sally farewell and they part on good terms.

In May 2011, Kevin and Tyrone's feuding at the garage turns violent after Tyrone, in a fit of rage, damages a new hydraulic lift that Kevin has bought. Kevin is crushed under a car he is working on when it gives way and is saved by Tyrone and Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain). When Tyrone admits he damaged the lift, Kevin forgives him and they call a truce so they can work together. Sally returns from Paris that day and aks Kevin and Jack to stay with her until his injuries heal and he agrees. One day in June, he isn't happy to see Sophie and Sian giving money to Ken Barlow's grandson, James Cunningham (James Roache), when the soup kitchen is reportedly burgled. He bans them from the kitchen and is surprised when Sally backs him up but Sophie ignores them and starts working there as a manager. Kevin softens and supports the charity auction held at the bistro. The following day, Kevin gets the all-clear about his collarbone and shocked when Sophie asks him to loan her £20,000 so the charity can buy the house they've been renting. Kevin refuses and discusses it with Peter and Leanne Barlow, behind Sophie's back, so she hacks into Kevin's bank account and transfers £20,000 to the charity. Meanwhile, Sally and Kevin's relationship is improving as Sally doesn't ask Kevin to return to his flat and they have stopped arguing. However, the next day, Sophie and Sian are horrified to learn that the charity never bid for the house and that the soup kitchen is being demolished, with builders insisting it hasn't been occupied for months. Failing to find the charity leaders, Rob and Janet, Sophie and Sian realise that they've lost £20,000. Forced to confess, she tells Kevin, who angrily confronts James, who insists he knows nothing about the scam and is supported by the Barlow family (except Tracy, who has suspicions). Making it clear he can't trust Sophie and Tyrone and Tommy use this to wind Kevin up further and he calls the police but tells the police that he transferred the cash, ending the tension in the Webster home. However, a few days later, Kevin learns that the two con artists behind the charity scam have been arrested and tells Sally. However, James panics, realizing that the truth is unravelling. The next day, James attacks Ken and flees Weatherfield. Ken tells the Websters what has happened and Kevin tells the police. In September, Kevin learns that Tyrone has a new girlfriend, Kirsty Soames, a police officer that he met in a bar. However, Tommy admits to Kevin he paid Kirsty to flirt with Tyrone so Kevin insists Tommy tell Tyrone, calling it cruel.

During September, Kevin learns that his sister Debbie has bought a villa in Turkey and plans to take Jack there. However, he learns that to change Jack's birth certificate, he'll have to apply for parental responsibility.Ken advises him about adopting Jack as he adopted Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) and Ken warns him that he should discuss it with Tyrone. Kevin leaves a leaflet about it lying around the garage and when Tyrone finds it, he angrily tells Kevin to do what he wants. The next day, Bill and Pam visit Kevin and tell him that they are engaged but Pam is appalled to learn that Kevin is still living with Sally and plans to change Jack's surname. She has a go at Sally, prompting her to finally ask Kevin to leave and he reluctantly agrees. However, Kevin and Pam argue and she bans him from the wedding and he bans Pam from seeing Jack. All the arguing upsets Bill and he collapses, suffering a heart attack and is taken to hospital, but the arguing continues until Sally stops them. They reconcile that night but Sally ends it again the next day after she hears Kevin telling Sophie that they're back together. Wanting to prove Kevin wrong, she resumes her relationship with Jeff, much to Rosie and Sophie's disgust, as they think Jeff is a creep and not the kind of man they want to see with Sally. Over the coming weeks, Kevin accepts Sally has moved on and decides to stop trying to win her back and in October, they are back on good terms as proved when Sophie announces she and Sian are engaged. Kevin refuses to give his permission for them to get married and Sally agrees but the next day, Kevin and Rosie's boyfriend Jason Grimshaw are concerned when Rosie goes missing again after viewing a flat and learn that it is next to the Kabin. They kick the door down and find Rosie tied up and that John Stape has kidnapped her again as he is coaching her to be a witness for Fiz at her trial. John escapes but Kevin goes after him, leaving Jason to look after Rosie, but loses him. As he tells a horrified Sally, John races past them in his car and Kevin chases him, resulting in a car chase that ends when John crashes his car into a truck trailer. The next day, as Rosie gives her statement, she thanks her dad for rescuing her and Kevin is the hero of the Webster family. When John dies, Kevin is relieved and has to stop Sally going to see Fiz being sentenced, when she belittles Fiz's friends and family for supporting a murderer. He defends her in the Rovers when Julie Carp attacks Sally for her comments. Later in the week, Sophie celebrates her 17th birthday. However, this is overshadowed by Rosie when Kevin reads an article in the Gazette about her second kidnapping, as well as insensitive comments about Sally's cancer, Kevin's affair, baby Jack and about Sophie's sexuality. Kevin and Sally are furious with Rosie and call her selfish. The pair then throw Jeff out when they learn he convinced Rosie to write the article and try to make the best of Sophie's party. They manage it, with Kev supplying and pulling off a superb firework display. In personal terms, Kev and Sal are on good terms again as Sally is happy to let Kevin visit.

Towards the end of 2011, Sophie and Sian announce their intention to have a Civil Partnership. Although both disagree, Kevin and Sally come round to the idea and a date is set for late December. However, Kevin learns from Sunita Alahan that Sophie has been having doubts. Feeling that his daughter is making a mistake, he desperately tries to talk her out of it but Sophie won't listen. Later during the ceremony Kevin feels his fears are founded when Sophie stumbles through her vows and tells her that she didn't have to go through with it, causing a massive row between Sophie and Sian and the ceremony is abandoned. That evening Sian leaves Sophie for good and after seeing his daughter devastated, Kevin is guilt-stricken over his part in the break-up. In early 2012, Kevin tries to make amends but Sophie isn't interested, telling him that she will never speak to him again or forgive him for the way he has behaved. However, Sally and Rosie are sympathetic, knowing Kevin didn't do it out of spite. It isn't long before Kevin learns that Sally is dating Frank Foster, who is awaiting trial for raping Carla Connor. Kevin had doubts about Frank's past and wanting the truth from Sally, he is forced to tell Sophie but Sally accuses Kevin of trying to interfere in their relationship and retaliates by telling him that she will file for divorce the next day. Sophie rejects him again when she asks Dennis Tanner to fix a leak in the kitchen - stating that she would "much rather drown than speak to my dad again", though Rita suggests Kevin give it time and Sophie will realise that she was wrong but she adopts Frank as father figure, to Kevin's growing disgust. However, he did achieve one good thing: he started repairing his friendship with Tyrone as Kirsty had just learned that she was pregnant and Tyrone wasn't sure if he wanted to be with her. Upon learning on Kirsty's pregnancy, Kevin congratulated Tyrone and the two shook hands. This persuaded Tyrone to stay with her and started Kevin and Tyrone's healing relationship.

After Frank was cleared of raping Carla, he then made plans for Underworld's future and cheated on Sally with business associate, Jenny. When Sally confronted him about this, Frank admitted raping Carla and threatened to do the same to Sally. This infuriated Kevin and he vows to kill Frank. However, Sally finds Frank dead and is a suspect but Frank's mother, Anne, is revealed to be responsible. Horrified by this, Sally falls down the stairs and is rushed to hospital, but not before a tense standoff between Anne, Kevin and Carla. At the hospital, whilst waiting for Sally to emerge from her coma, Sophie admits to Kevin that she should thank him for stopping the civil partnership, finally realising that she wasn't ready to marry and admitted that she wanted to blame someone and she blamed her dad. With that, she apologised so she and Kevin could mend their relationship. The next day, Sally wakes up and both Kevin and Sophie are relieved. Kevin soon spreads the word to the residents and all are thrilled. A few days later, Sally returns from hospital and admits that she's grateful for what Kevin did. In February 2013, Kevin helps Tyrone escape with his daughter behind Kirsty Soames back. Kevin is later questioned by the police. But in late March, it was said by Sally that Kevin had to leave due to his dad being sick and Pam not being able to cope on her own.

On Monday 17 March, Sally announces that Bill has recovered and that Kevin will be returning later in the week, with his son Jack. The following day, he phones his house tenants Stella Price (Michelle Collins), Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) and Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson). Eva moves out to live with her boyfriend Jason, leaving a spare bedroom for Kevin and Jack. Kevin is seen pulling up outside in a taxi, while Rita invites him into The Kabin for a cup of tea and a chat. When Kevin and Jack are inside Rita's flat, Sophie's friend Maddie Heath (Amy Kelly) steals one of their bags with their iPod, their posh Samsung camera and Jack's clothes inside. Kevin later spots a man in Sally's house, who turns out to be her boyfriend Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine). Thinking that Tim is a burglar, Kevin drags him out of the house until Sally turns up and reveals who he is. Kevin later goes to visit Tyrone and he invites him and Jack to stay at his house until Stella and Leanne find somewhere else. Kevin then returns to work full-time at the garage.

In 2015, Kevin embarks on a romantic relationship with old friend Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews). They go on a few dates and initially the relationship goes well. They get along and Kevin invites her back to his for a nightcap but Jenny is reluctant to return to Coronation Street as she doesn't want to bump into her former foster mum, Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox). Jenny eventually returns to Coronation Street and is confronted by Rita. Rita struggles to forgive Jenny but they begin to get along. Eventually, Jenny moves into Kevin's house and the pair engage in a serious relationship. Kevin's daughter, Sophie doesn't approve of the relationship and suspects that Jenny is up to something and voices her concerns to her dad but he refuses to listen. Jenny also starts to bond with and form an attachment to Kevin's son Jack. In May 2015, it is discovered that Jenny had a son the same age as Kevin's son Jack who died when he drowned in a paddling pool and Jenny blames herself for the accident. Jenny makes plans to escape from Kevin taking Jack with her. She calls for a taxi and puts a wig on under the name of Jenny 'Midgley'. She also arranges to rent a flat in Hull under the name of Jenny 'Midgley'. Jenny is discovered by Sophie's girlfriend, Maddie Heath. Jenny manages to escape to Hull with Jack. When Kevin and Sophie realize that Jack is missing, they are angry and devastated. Kevin, Sophie and Rita travel to Hull where Jenny is on the balcony with Jack. Rita talks Jenny down and she is eventually taken away by the police and sectioned.

In August 2015, Kevin decides to expand his garage business. Kevin's Ex-wife, Sally is impressed with Kevin's new entrepreneurial head and I encourages Kevin. The factory that Sally currently works in comes up for sale and Sally persuades Kevin to help her buy it. Kevin and Sally later kiss, but Sally is engaged to Tim Metcalfe. Kevin and Sally immediately regret the kiss and agree to keep it between them. Kevin and Sally's daughter, Sophie can sense that something is going on with her mum and Sally eventually confesses that she kissed Kevin but it was a mistake. Sally's next door neighbour, Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) overhears Sally and Sophie discussing Sally's kiss with Kevin. A few weeks later, when Anna is drunk in The Rovers Return Inn, she reveals to Sally's fiancée, Tim that Kevin and Sally recently kissed. As a result, Sally and Tim split up and this puts Kevin and Tim's friendship on the rocks. Kevin later makes up with Tim but Tim still refuses to forgive Sally. A few weeks later Sally and Tim eventually marry. A few months later, Kevin is devastated to learn that his best mate, Tyrone's step-daughter has cancer. He tries his best to support Tyrone and says he can take as much time off as he needs. Kevin also decides to give his daughter Sophie 21% of his new business for her 21st birthday.

Kevin meets a woman called Joanne (Martha Cope) on a singles night and they start dating. However Kevin has doubts about her and it soon becomes clear that he has feelings for Anna and the pair share a kiss. Anna then helps Kevin separate from Joanne by pretending to get pregnant by him. Kevin is grateful and shares another kiss with Anna. They start dating but agree to wait a bit before going public. However Tim sees them together in the back of a taxi and Sally and Sophie soon find out. Kevin gets a job with Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre). Anna isn't happy with this as Phelan had blackmailed her into sleeping with him a few years before. Anna warns Kevin about Phelan. However Phelan fills Kevin with lies. Anna tells Kevin that if he's on Phelan's side of the story they can't have a future together. Anna then decides that she won't let Phelan get in the way of what her and Kevin have. After Anna smashes Phelan's van Kevin breaks up with her. He goes to try and sort things out with her and catches Phelan threatening her. Kevin begs Anna to give him another chance but she turns him down as her word against Phelan should have been enough. Kevin demands the truth about Phelan and Anna tells Kevin about how Phelan blackmailed her into sleeping with him. Anna then agrees to give Kevin another chance. They go out for tea and meet Phelan and his new girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver). Kevin tricks Phelan by ordering a bottle of wine. Phelan then confronts Kevin but Kevin stands up to him.

On 16 May 2016 Tim goes to Blackpool with Kevin and Jack. Sally and Sophie follow and see Tim spoon feeding Kevin through a café window. Sally confronts them while Jack disappears. Jenny who is also in Blackpool sees Jack and runs after him. Kevin sees Jack run out in front of a tram. Jenny runs out after him and pushes him out of the way just in time. Although Sally and Sophie make accusations Kevin thanks Jenny for saving Jack's life.



Actor Michael Le Vell auditioned for the role and successfully landed the part after he had previously played another character called Neil Grimshaw, a newspaper delivery boy who worked at The Kabin.[8]

Kevin Webster as he appeared in 1983.


Kevin is very much a family man and looks out for them. ITV publicity say of the character: "A no-nonsense garage mechanic who likes an uncomplicated life and his tea on the table when he comes home from work.".[1] In the book 'Life in The Street' by Graeme Kay, Kevin is described as a very cheerful yet cautious character.



Kevin is the son of Bill (Peter Armitage) and Alison Webster. Kevin's mother died of cancer when he was just 15 years old and this experience traumatised him. He first appears in 1983, as an apprentice mechanic working for Brian Tilsley (Chris Quinten). His father Bill and his younger sister, Debbie (Sue Devaney), later join him. Initially his life consists of working by day and drinking with friends Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro) and Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) in the evening. He dates Mandie Whitworth, a friend of Terry's girlfriend and Michelle Robinson and meets his long term love interest, Sally Seddon (Sally Dynevor), in 1986 and they later marry. The Websters buy Number 13 from Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander) after she leaves to work as a doctor's housekeeper.

Relationship with Sally Seddon[edit]

The characters of Kevin and Sally had a lack of storylines in their first years on the show but received a boost when Brian Park became executive producer. The Independent reports him as saying "Kevin and Sally Webster had years of washing their hands and eating baked beans on toast. Michael Le Vell and Sally Dynevor (then Whittaker) were then given great storylines, including his affair with Natalie, Sally's catfight with her when she found out and the subsequent divorce".[9]

Kevin spends his early years in the show with Sally Seddon. They marry and have two daughters, Rosie (Helen Flanagan) and Sophie (Brooke Vincent). While Sally is away nursing her sick mother, Kevin has an affair with Natalie Horrocks (Denise Welch) mother of his business partner. Natalie has no compunction about seducing a married man. Sally angrily confronts Natalie when she learns of the affair. Kevin and Sally divorce, due to the affair, and Kevin moves in with Natalie. However, he is unhappy and ends the relationship to return to Sally.

Sally and Kevin reconcile, partly for the girls' sake. However, Sally is seduced by Greg Kelly (Stephen Billington). Kevin throws her out when he learns of the affair. Greg uses Sally's money (inherited from her mother) and abuses her. The affair ends but Kevin refuses to take her back, marrying Alison Wakefield (Naomi Radcliffe) instead. The night before the wedding, Kevin and Sally sleep together for old times' sake. This secret assignation comes out, on the day Sally is to marry Danny Hargreaves (Richard Standing). Danny calls their wedding off, angry that she had cheated on him and then lied about it.

Kevin's marriage to Alison is fraught. It is learned she had a traumatic childhood after her sibling drowned and Alison is suspected of intentionally killing her. When Alison is late returning Rosie and Sophie after an outing, Sally and Kevin, perhaps believing Alison really did murder her sibling, fear that Alison might have harmed them. Alison and the girls soon return - Alison had actually taken the girls to a photographer for portraits as a gift to Kevin. Alison is traumatised when she learns Kevin and Sally feared she might have harmed the girls. Alison later commits suicide after the death of her newborn son.

Kevin asks Sally to marry him again and she agrees, for the sake of their daughters. Sally has another affair with new boss, Ian Davenport (Philip Bretherton), in 2005. Kevin overlooks it, pretending to believe Sally's denial. In 2009, Kevin develops an attraction to Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns), wife of his business partner and friend Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and has an affair with her lasting until Christmas 2009.

Temporary departures[edit]

In February 2013 Michael Le Vell was charged with sexual allegations and Kevin was written out of the series with the explanation he was taking care of his father Bill Webster to explain his absence. Le Vell was found not guilty in September of the same year, and entered talks to return. Kevin returned briefly in March 2014, 13 months since his last appearance,[10] before taking another temporary break from the show after it was revealed that Le Vell had taken cocaine during his absence.[11]


Le Vell was nominated in the category of "Best Actor" at the 2011 British Soap Awards.[12]


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