Kew tram depot

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Kew tram depot
Location Cnr Barkers Road & High Street, Kew
Owner(s) VicTrack
Operator(s) Yarra Trams
Roads 12 (all in sheds)
Rolling stock 13 A2-class
36 C-class
Routes served 48, 109
Opened 8 May 1915 (1915-05-08)

Kew tram depot is located on the corner of Barkers Road and High Street, Kew, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Operated by Yarra Trams, it is one of eight tram depots on the Melbourne tram network.


Kew tram depot opened on 8 May 1915.[1][2] When the Public Transport Corporation was privatised in August 1999, Kew depot passed to Yarra Trams.[3][4]


The main yard has 12 covered roads. There are two tracks for trams leaving or entering via Barkers Road, and a single track connecting to High Street.[3]

Rolling stock[edit]

As at October 2016, the depot had an allocation of 49 trams: 13 A1-class and 36 C-class.[3]


The following routes are operated from Kew depot:


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Coordinates: 37°48′46″S 145°01′22″E / 37.8127°S 145.0228°E / -37.8127; 145.0228