Kewdale Freight Terminal

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Kewdale Freight Terminal
Kewdale Freight Terminal.jpg
Pacific National yard, Kewdale Freight Terminal
Facility information
Location Kewdale, Western Australia
Land area 17,500m²
Operator Pacific National
Annual TEU 330,000
Rail information
No. of platforms 3
Rail gauge Standard gauge

Kewdale Freight Terminal is a large intermodal rail facility in the Perth suburb of Kewdale, Western Australia.


Transwa Prospector Depot, Kewdale Freight Terminal.

Redevelopment plans[edit]

BP fuel siding, Kewdale Freight Terminal.

All rail freight in and out of this terminal is moved on a single standard gauge track which crosses Daddow Road, and this level crossing has become a congestion headache for road users in the industrial area. In November 2005 the Federal Government announced A$11.5 million for the construction of an overpass at the level crossing.

Numerous rail operators including Pacific National, Australian Railroad Group, Transwa and South Spur Rail Services share common sections of the yard which can also lead to congestion. Apart from the departure road, the yard is unsignalled. Track occupation of the common sections - north service road, eastern diagonal, and western diagonal - is manually managed by radio communications with WestNet Rail Eastern Train Control.