Key Lime Pie Records

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Key Lime Pie Records
Founded 1993
Founder Geoff Kresge
Genre Hardcore punk
Country of origin United States

Key Lime Pie Records was a record label founded by Geoff Kresge in 1992 as a means to release music by AFI. Their releases were sold in very few stores and at concerts. Only three records were released on the label and they were all AFI releases. At the time, the band did not have very much money, so in total after all three releases had been made, fewer than 1000 records had been sold in Ukiah & Berkeley, California and some cities throughout the US on early tours. After all the releases were sold and out of print, the label was abandoned. In early 2009, an official Key Lime Pie Records profile was launched on MySpace which outlines vital pressing information which had previously been erroneously reported on various fansites. On Halloween 2015, Geoff Kresge announced a pre-order for an upcoming reissue of the label's third release, Eddie Picnic's All Wet, hinting at the return of Key Lime Pie Records.


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