Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard

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Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard
Coon Dog Cemetery Monument.jpg
Coon Dog Monument
Established September 4, 1937
Location Colbert County, Alabama
Country United States
Coordinates 34°37′48″N 87°58′01″W / 34.63009°N 87.96698°W / 34.63009; -87.96698Coordinates: 34°37′48″N 87°58′01″W / 34.63009°N 87.96698°W / 34.63009; -87.96698[1]
Type Private
Troop's grave site at the Key Underwood Memorial Coon Dog Graveyard

The Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard is a cemetery located in rural Colbert County, Alabama, USA,[2] reserved specifically for the burial of coon dogs.[3] Key Underwood established the cemetery on September 4, 1937 by burying his coon dog, Troop.[4][5] Underwood chose the spot as it was previously a popular hunting camp. As of August 2014, more than 300 dogs are buried at the cemetery.[6]

Dogs must meet three requirements to qualify for burial at the cemetery: the owner must claim that their pet is an authentic coon dog, a witness must declare that the deceased is a coon dog, and a member of the local coonhunters' organization must be allowed to view the coonhound and declare it as such.[7]

Headstones in the cemetery range from the homemade wooden and metal monuments to the more elaborate marble engraved stones found at many human cemeteries. The dead include many famous dogs such as Hunter's Famous Amos, Ralston Purina's 1984 Dog of the Year.[7]

Labor Day[edit]

Travis Wammack entertains the crowd at the 2007 Labor Day Celebration

Every Labor Day the Tennessee Valley Coon Hunter's Association sponsors a gathering at the cemetery in a tribute to the inauguration of the cemetery on Labor Day in 1937. The celebration includes music, dancing, food and a liar's contest. The gathering is often attended by local politicians.[6]


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