Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

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Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory
Key West 2008 (2337783649).jpg
LocationKey West, Florida, United States
Coordinates24°32′51″N 81°47′49″W / 24.5475°N 81.7969°W / 24.5475; -81.7969Coordinates: 24°32′51″N 81°47′49″W / 24.5475°N 81.7969°W / 24.5475; -81.7969
No. of species50–60

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory located at 1316 Duval Street, Key West, Florida, United States is a butterfly park that houses from 50 to 60 different species of live butterflies from around the world in a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat.

The conservatory includes flowering plants, cascading waterfalls and trees. There are also several species of free flying "butterfly friendly" birds, such as red-factor canaries, zebra finches, cordon-blue finches and "button" or Chinese painted quail.[1]

There is a learning center where guests can get a close up view of a variety of live caterpillars feeding and developing on their host plants.[2]


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