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Keyth Ryden
Born Keith Ryden
(1953-03-04) March 4, 1953 (age 65)
Seattle, Washington
Nationality American
Known for Visual Art
Movement Surrealism, Cartooning, Commercial Art, Pop Art

KRK Ryden (born March 4, 1953) is an American visual artist. His surrealistic art style is reflective of his taste in cartoons and pulp art and his work is described as "colorful and visually appealing reflections on discarded icons".


Keith Ryden grew up in California. For his first two years in high school he attended a school in Castro Valley. While in high school, he was assigned to do a report on Surrealism in art class,[1] which changed his artistic style. Later in high school, an art teacher taught him technique and gave him inspiration, revolutionizing his style.

In 1977 Ryden changed his name from Keith to Keyth for "numberoligical [sic] reasons" and to differentiate himself from his father's first name.[2]

Ryden took up the theremin in 2003 and created a band called Ken the Magic Corner God. With his theremin, and Josh Mcleod on keyboards, they recorded one studio album. Their most famous performance was with Mark Mothersbaugh as Booji Boy singing the DEVO song "U Got Me Bugged".[3]

Keyth, who lives in Martinez, California, is the older brother of visual artist Mark Ryden.[4]


He created Keyth Ryden Visual in the 1970s, which was later changed to Keyth Ryden Kreations, or KRK, which also became his professional name. He is contemplating changing it to Glob Studios.

Ryden curated his first art show in Phoenix, Arizona called "The Panelists" in early 2009.

KRK has done work for the band DEVO. He illustrated DEVO's Brainwasher Magazine[5] and did the cover art for the band's Recombo DNA release. He appears annually at the band's "DEVOtionals" held in Cleveland, Ohio. The day before each DEVOtional, KRK holds a solo art show at the Asterisk Gallery. He did a two-man show with DEVO frontman Mark Mothersbaugh called "Dos Mutatos"; notable guests included Weird Al Yankovic and Jihad Jerry.[6]

Solo exhibitions[edit]

Two-Man Shows[edit]

Group Shows[edit]

  • Swear Bear Show
  • The Krampus Show
  • Age of Aquarius
  • Bowling Pin Show
  • Rat Fink Show
  • Living Dead Show
  • Visual Subversion
  • A Day in the Life of an Artist
  • The Sci-Fi Western Show
  • 1988 Group Show
  • CBGB Gallery
  • Crybaby Gallery
  • Peterson Museum
  • New York Gallery
  • Pop Gallery
  • The Shooting Gallery
  • 1988 Gallery
  • X-Mas Luau, Berlin, Germany
  • Horrowood, WWA gallery
  • The Devil Made Me Do It, WWA gallery

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