Keytrade Bank

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Keytrade Bank
Industry Finance and Insurance
Fate Acquired by Crédit Agricole[1]
Predecessor VMS-Keytrade
Founded Brussels, Belgium (September 15, 1998 (1998-09-15))[2]
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Products Financial Services
  • Increase€15.63 million (2013)
  • €8.958 million (2011)
  • €18.979 million (2010)
Total assets
  • Increase€78.20 million (2013)
  • €86.458 million (2011)
  • €83.338 million (2010)
Number of employees
  • Increase130 (2013)
  • 121 (2011)
  • 112 (2010)
Subsidiaries Real Lease S.A/N.V Belgium, Keytrade Luxembourg S.A/N.V, Strateo[1]

Keytrade Bank, Belgium’s first online investment site, is a financial services company based in Belgium with a subsidiary in Luxembourg.


Belgium’s first online investment site VMS-Keytrade, saw the light of day in 1998.[3] It experienced success and dazzling growth. In 2002, VMS-Keytrade became Keytrade Bank and acquired its banking status by taking over RealBank.

Today, Keytrade Bank is part of the Crelan Group which is for 50% owned by the Crédit Agricole Group, one of Europe’s largest groups (own funds of €64.8 billion and net result of €6 billion[4]).[5]

Today, and this since June 2016, Keytrade Bank is part of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa Group.[6]


Keytrade Bank offers all banking and trading services online.


Keytrade Bank offers all the usual services of a large bank with a current account, a savings account and a term account for free but also debit and credit cards.

  • Current account : available 24 hours out of 24, yielding 1% and 5 cents for each operation executed  ; Bancontact / Mister Cash / Maestro / Proton cards for free and credit cards VISA and American Express.
  • Savings account : account with an interest rate of 1.50% a year + 0.40% fidelity premium.
  • Term account : period of the term between 1 week and 1 year and with the possibility to break up the term or to extend the time.


As online broker, Keytrade Bank offers access to several markets : Euronext Brussels, Paris and London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt (Xetra), Milan (Borsa Italiana), Switzerland (SWX et Virt-x), Madrid (Bolsa de Madrid), Amsterdam, the U.S. (Nyse, Nasdaq, Amex et OTC-BB) and Canada (TSX & TSX Venture).

Keytrade Bank presents a broad range of products for private investors : stocks, options, warrants, turbo’s, mutual funds, trackers, bonds, structured products,…

Beside, Keytrade Bank offers Keytrade Pro, a professional day-trading and trend trading platform for new products which used to be accessible only for professional investors. This offer allows the investor to invest in :

  • The Forex (with 160 currency crosses)
  • The Futures market with more than 400 available contracts in 15 markets
  • CFD’s which allow investors to take position on more than 3500 underlying stocks on the 22 largest global market with a leverage effect from 1 to 10.


Keytrade Bank provides the numbers used in the daily financial magazine called Cotes et Cours which is broadcast by the RTBF.[7] This partnership allows Keytrade Bank to run a short spot advertising just before and after the magazine. This seems like a win-win marketing operation for both the RTBF and Keytrade Bank.

On 29 September 2014, KeytradeBank Belgium established a brand new visual identity: a new logo, responsive website and advertising campaign have been announced. The logo is advertised as simpler to reflect the idea Keytrade Bank will offer more accessible and simpler solutions to its clients. Their new responsive website adapted for each type of devices shows clearly this intention to be more accessible. The advertising campaign has now a new message "To the daring" (or "Vive les audacieux" in French) which tries to encourage Keytrade Bank clients to invest actively their cash flow in the stock exchange via actions or in funds instead of leaving them on spare accounts which bring any way nearly no benefit due to the inflation. This message reinforce what they previously explained in videos[8] delivered via newsletters. This message is this time spread via additional ways: billboards and the radio.

It seems this new visual identity has not made its way yet to the Keytrade Bank subsidiaries: Keytrade Bank Nederland, Keytrade Bank Lux and Strateo (Switzerland).


  • "To the daring" (Vive les audacieux) - from 1 September 2014.
  • "L'évolution est en marche"
  • "Quand on aime, on compte"