Kfar Hananya

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Kfar Hananya
כְּפַר חֲנַנְיָה
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Kfar Hananya is located in Israel
Kfar Hananya
Kfar Hananya
Coordinates: 32°54′56.52″N 35°25′21.36″E / 32.9157000°N 35.4226000°E / 32.9157000; 35.4226000Coordinates: 32°54′56.52″N 35°25′21.36″E / 32.9157000°N 35.4226000°E / 32.9157000; 35.4226000
Council Merom HaGalil
Founded 1977
Founded by Hapoel HaMizrachi
Name meaning Hananya village

Kfar Hananya (Hebrew: כְּפַר חֲנַנְיָה) is a communal settlement in the Galilee in northern Israel. It belongs to the Merom HaGalil Regional Council.

Kfar Hananya marks the border between the historic Upper and Lower Galilee regions. Lower Galilee is defined in the Mishnah (Shevi'it 9:2) as the area south of Kfar Hananya where the Sycamore Fig tree grows (Ficus sycomorus).

The community was founded in 1977 as a moshav of the movement Hapoel HaMizrachi for members of nearby moshavim. In 1992 it became a communal settlement. A new neighborhood built in the 2000s is called "Maale Hen" (Hebrew: מעלה חן).

Kfar Hananya is named after the ancient village of the same name, which is mentioned in the mishnah as a community on the border between the Lower Galilee and Upper Galilee. Near the community is a burial place attributed to Rabbi Hananya ben Akashya.

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