Kfar Yehezkel

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Kfar Yehezkel
כְּפַר יְחֶזְקֵאל
Aerial view on Kfar Yehezkel.jpg
Kfar Yehezkel is located in Israel
Kfar Yehezkel
Kfar Yehezkel
Coordinates: 32°34′1.91″N 35°21′32.4″E / 32.5671972°N 35.359000°E / 32.5671972; 35.359000Coordinates: 32°34′1.91″N 35°21′32.4″E / 32.5671972°N 35.359000°E / 32.5671972; 35.359000
District Northern
Council Gilboa
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 16 December 1921
Founded by Second Aliyah pioneers
Population (2015)[1] 1,149
Name meaning Yehezkel Village

Kfar Yehezkel (Hebrew: כְּפַר יְחֶזְקֵאל‎, lit. Yehezkel Village) is a moshav ovdim in northern Israel. Located in the Jezreel Valley, six kilometres southeast of Afula, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gilboa Regional Council. In 2015 the moshav had a population of 1,149.[1]


Kfar Yehezkel was founded on 16 December 1921 by pioneers of the Second Aliyah.[2] Settlers from Tel Hai and Hamara, which was evacuated because of Arab attacks from Lebanon, were also among the founding members. It was the second moshav ovdim in Palestine, after Nahalal.[3]

Originally called Ayn Tib'un after the nearby spring, it was renamed in honor of Sassoon Eskell (Yehezkel Sassoon) of the Sassoon family, an Iraqi-Jewish statesman and philanthropist.[4] The driver of the moshav was injured in 1936 during a spate of gang violence.[5]

Notable residents[edit]


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