Kfir Brigade

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Kfir Brigade
"Combating terrorism, Protecting the home"
Active 2005–present
Country  Israel
Allegiance Israel Defense Forces
Branch Flag of the Israeli Army (Land Arm).svg Army
Type Tag raglimm.png Infantry
Role Counter-terrorism urban warfare
Size 5 infantry battalions and a training battalion
Part of

340th "Idan" Armoured Division Central Command

Judea and Samaria Division
Garrison/HQ Kfir Training Base – Bach Kfir
Colors Spotted beret, camouflage and white striped flagFlag of the Israeli Kfir Brigade.svg

Operation Hot Winter
Operation Cast Lead

Operation Protective Edge
Website http://www.kfir-idf.org/
Colonel Guy Hazut
IDF officers from the Kfir infantry brigade saluting the Israeli flag in a military ceremony, 2011
IDF Kfir Brigade officers practicing urban warfare

The Kfir Brigade (Hebrew: חֲטִיבַת כְּפִיר‎, lit. "Lion Cub Brigade"), also known as 900 Brigade, is the youngest infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces. It is subordinate to the 340th "Idan" Armoured Division of Israel's Central Regional Command.


In the 1990s the IDF formed the Designated Infantry Battalions (also known as the "90s Battalions") as auxiliary troops accompanying its armored forces. On December 6, 2005, these were unified into a single regular-service brigade commanded by Colonel Eyal Nosovski.

The brigade is currently deployed in the West Bank where its primary missions include counter-terror operations,[1] apprehension of Palestinian terrorists, patrols, manning checkpoints and regular security activities. Before Israel's 2005 disengagement from Gaza, Kfir units were also stationed in the Gaza Strip. Members of this unit wear a camouflaged beret.


Although the brigade is subordinate to the 340th Division, each battalion is operatively attached to a regional brigade in the West Bank Division:

96th Lavi Battalion (he), previously assigned to Yehuda Brigade, was disbanded in July 2015.[2]


Kfir recruits must complete 10 months of combat training in order to be received into active service. The first four months of training are dedicated to basic training in which the soldiers learn discipline and are introduced to physical fitness and various weapons. After basic training, they receive 3–4 months of advanced training in urban warfare, advanced weaponry, fighting from armored personnel carriers, chemical warfare and other challenges of today's battlefield.

In order to attract recruits to the brigade, the Israel Defense Forces decided that to join the elite Sayeret Oketz (Special K-9 unit) or Sayeret LOTAR (Special counter terrorism unit) recruits must choose Kfir as their first priority in the draft request form and during Tironut go through a selection process. Those who don't pass the selection process continue to serve in Kfir Brigade.