Kgosi Galeshewe

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Kgosi (Chief) Galeshewe was a chief of the Tlhaping tribe in South Africa. The Kimberley (now Sol Plaatje Municipality) township of Galeshewe as well as a South African Navy fast attack craft is named after him.

Galeshewe was captured in 1878 following an attack on Cornforth Hill near Taung, a raid in which Francis Thompson and his nephew were savagely murdered, and was subsequently sentenced to twelve years imprisonment for his part in the uprising. In 1897, during a rinderpest outbreak, he again clashed with the police and military at Phokwane near Hartswater. As a result, he was imprisoned for his part in what became known as the Langeberg Rebellion. He died at Magogong, north of Hartswater, in 1927.