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Khaama Press (KP)
خبرگزاری خامه پرس
Country Afghanistan
Founded 2009 (2009)
by Khushnood Nabizada
Motto Afghan Online Newspaper
Key people
Khushnood Nabizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada
Shah Wali Sadiq
Kamaluddin Koshan
Jawed Rostapoor
Seraj Entizar
Royeen Rahnosh
Zabihullah Moosakhail
Official website

Khaama Press (KP) (Pashto: خامه پرس، افغان انلاین خبرونو وب پانه) (Persian: خامه پرس، روزنامه انلاين افغانستان) is the largest Afghan online newspaper and was established in October 2010 in Kabul, Afghanistan by Khushnood Nabizada, an Afghan journalist.[1][2]

Khaama publishes articles and news in the English language and Persian language.[3][4]

Khaama Press is a private firm that works in the area of reporting news from Afghanistan.[5]

Khaama Pres is one of the most popular websites in Afghanistan based on Alexa ranking.,[6] and is indexed in Google News.[7]


Khaama Press Microphone.JPG

In 2009, the Khaama Press web portal was designed by founder Khushnood Nabizada to publish stories about successful Afghan personalities and biographies of well-known figures including poets and politicians. After initially receiving positive feedback the site expanded, and in 2010, Khaama Press obtained an operating license from the Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan.[1]


Khaama Press draws busy traffic with readers from Afghanistan, India, United States, Iran and Germany according to Alexa Web and Information Company.[8] Its website gets over 50,000 visits daily.[9]

Khaama Press posts get substantial traffic on social media sites, with around 500,000 likes on Facebook and over 65,000 followers on Twitter as of April 20, 2015.[10][11]


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